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Movie/serial Shooting at Alamparai fort

Alamparai (aka Alampara) is a scenic picnik spot loated in between Mahabalipuram and Pondichery. Read my earlier post on Alamparai for more.

My 3rd visit to Alamparai fort gave me some unexpected shots- It was Friday and the place was void of any tourists, except that crew of Anand Cine Services had already arrived ahead of us and were busy with their preparations to shoot. This post only shares some photographs clicked at the location. Hope you’ll like the pics. Click to enlarge

Left Right left… A man carries an unknown equipment, while another man pulls heavy cables towards the spot (to supply electric power generated from generator van)

Breakfast for the crew arrives in a large container, with another assistant carrying plates and spoons.

Dogs and crows had their day in an otherwise inactive place. They had their moments of victory managing to taste the food from the open container whenever caretaker’s attention is diverted elsewhere. (I assume it is leftovers containers kept for cleaning and not the ones storing food to be served)

I’ve no clue which movie/serial they were shooting for and I am totally unaware of Tamil stars. Didn’t bother to enquire much, but for those who are curious, below photo has accidentally captured a lady, who appears to be the lead character because someone else is holding an umbrella for her.

A local lady was busy with her daily chores while a bird was watching around, probably thinking “Thank god it is Friday”

We didn’t stay there for long and couldn’t see the shooting happen. Looked like they’d take much more time and we’d more places to visit.


  1. hahaha... since the lady has an umbrella cover, you call her the lead actress! interesting guess Shri :D

  2. When I saw the title I thought another murder..other wise nice shots especially the dog one :D

  3. Dog's D Day! Hope your assumption is true, otherwise dog not eating the left overs - the fate of remaining edible "good" food - the consequences?!. Incidentally, in our villages, even empty cooking vessels are forbidden to be touched by dog : a proverb to that effect"Nai muttida Madake, upayogakke baaradu"

  4. Quite a lack of interest I may say! This stirs faint memories from log past when i think we too stumbled on a shoot. But I too can't recollect much beyond that.

  5. Mridula,
    Yes, we weren't much into movies and serials and do not recognize most of Tamil Tv stars..we'd other places to visit so left the place after exploring it.

    Hebbar sir,
    thanks for the detailed comment and the phrase- Nayi muttiDa maDake...


  6. Any tamil readers can identify the actress under umbrella?

  7. Nice candid shots Nidhi. And a good photo of the Indian Pond Heron!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Thanks Ram, thanks for identifying the bird...


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