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Podcast with Sandhosh Kumar Everest climber

My first podcast is live. Please check the video below, for a brief podcast with Mr Sandhosh Kumar.
Sandhosh hails from Pondy and is settled in Singapore, working for a global investment banking company. He is a serious mountain climber and already climbed some of the highest peaks in the world- Cho Oyu (8201m), Mont Blanc in western Europe(4810m), Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (5895m) and Everest Base Camp. 

Sandosh is all set to take off for an ambitious mission of climbing Mount Everest in about 47 days from now. Besides climbing Everest, he is actively supporting the cause of Child Abuse. Sandosh is trying to raise funds for his expedition and for the cause of preventing child abuse. He will be carrying a large banner to the top of Everest and for a small contribution Individuals and Corporate can get their photos/company logos on the banner, which will be displayed on top of the world. Sandosh Kumar’s personal website, climbeverestwithme.com has more details.

I had a chance to meet Sandosh when he was in Chennai few weeks ago. It was nice talking to him and learning a bit more about mountain climbing. He was explaining the cost involved in climbing Everest (about 20% or about 10000$ will be the permit fee to be paid to Nepal Govt, rest will be for the equipments, Sherpas etc, the whole exercise costing anywhere between 40-70 lakhs), challenges and other aspects of climbing. We also did a quick podcast recording of the talk, so it is better to listen to him in his own words than me explaining it. Please watch my first podcast in the video below.

Any assistance you can offer in helping him raise funds for his mission and the cause will be of immense help. If not financially, you can also help by spreading the word. 

Video editing by BusinessBlogging. Your comments and feedback awaited.

Updates on the previous paypal post available here
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  1. Your Podcast is interesting!! I dreamt of climbing Everest during my post college days, but later realised that it is out of my reach; I even could not make to base camp of everest (which can be trekked fairly easily, with good preparation). OK,that apart, how we can explain the meaning of word PODCAST. Is it like a 'Dharavahi'?

  2. Happy to see the post receiving a comment, after one full day. I was wondering what is wrong in the post that no one cared to comment...

    Podcast refers to a digital file (usually audio or video) which can be automatically downloaded in portable devices (like iPod, mobile phones etc) and can be enjoyed on the go.

    Most of the podcasters do it on a regular basis, releasing new ones frequently and that way it can be related to dharavahi (serial) but not in a strict sense

  3. Seems to be a very good effort from Sandhosh, who has already achieved a lot.
    Nice article and podcast!

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  6. Hi sri,
    would you pl update us on the latest, this everest climbing season. Like a blog or something. Thanks.


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