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Kingfisher A320 wooden prototype at Chennapatna

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Alert: This is a stock clearance post and shares some pics which may not be that interesting.

Fellow blogger Sankara recently published lot of colourful photos of toys made at Chennapatna, a small town enroute Mysore from Bengaluru. Chennapatna toys are world famous. Read his post here

Seeing Sankara’s post I realized that I’d visited few toy making units of Chennapatna in 2010. I do not have colourful pics of final products, but got to see their machinery and workshops, where they turn out wooden pieces into colourful toys.

Besides toys, they also cater to wide range of corporate requests. They were asked to make prototype of a Airbus A320, one of the aircraft types most of Kingfisher fleet belong to. Earlier in the day I’d clicked few close-up photos of the aircraft model, at Mysore airport [Related: Kingfisher service launched from Mysore]
Above: Airbus A320 prototype spare parts separated…
Below, work in progress version of wooden prototype and the workshops in Chennapatna
Don’t have much text to write about, just wanted to share the above photos. Sankara's post has more details and interesting pics.

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  1. It must have been fascinating to see toys being made. I recently took my son to a weaving unit, and he was thrilled by the experience. So this is one more thing for me to do when I finally get to Mysore!

  2. Saw both the posts, by you and Sankara. Interesting.

  3. The aeroplane prototype is very interesting. Thank you for the link to my blog.

  4. The finished aeroplane prototype in the begining is the chanapatna toy?

    The chanapatna toys are interesting and rich art. It was aching to read about Chinese cheap imitation of the chanapatna toys invading the markets.

  5. Anu: Sure, do visit.

    Mridula: Thanks

    Sankara: You're welcome

    LR: First two photos are plastic models and NOT wooden

    Pranavam: Thanks

  6. You should go and visit my house in Channapatna next time you are in town. Let me know if you are making the trip next time so that you know where your sister's house is.

  7. I found the workshop's pics interesting as i had never been to one.

  8. You got a good collection of these shots of Chennapatna.

  9. Rupa,

    That was so kind of you to invite me. But I do not have a way to reach you.

    Rajesh, Arpana and Indrani: Thanks for the comments


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