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Talakadu excavation near Mysore in Pics

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Talakadu is a heritage site off Mysore (abt 50kms), wherein centuries old temples are buried deep under sand. A few temples are excavated and made open to public, few more were in work-in-progress state, when we’d visited it in 2008.

Just sharing some photos of the temples there…Its believed that over 30 temples are buried under sand. Only few are fully excavated and made public.

Roads to Talakadu were pathetic in 2008. Hope its much better now.

Another interesting thing we noticed in Talakadu were the friendly honey bees. These bees are believed to attack humans and are known to cause deadly stings, but here, they were flying feely around a tap and wouldn’t mind people coming near the tap to drink water. With little hesitation in the beginning, all of us used tap water, while the bees watched.
Just another reminder that animals, however dangerous,  won’t harm others unless they feel threatened.
In a recent development, Karnataka Govt has increased all types of tourist fees (entry fee, camera fee, safari fee etc) at bird sanctuaries, reserved forests and other places of tourist interest several times, heavily discouraging people from visiting these places. Entry fee to Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary is now Rs 150 per person from the earlier fee of Rs 20. Driving your car upto Gopalaswamy betta will cost Rs 500 and so on. I wish these exorbitant fees are rolled back immediately.

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  1. >>These bees are believed to attack humans and are known to cause deadly stings>>

    Nidhi, It is wrong belief. Bees don't attack human simply. They attack only if they sense anything harmful by us.

  2. Thanks. That's why I concluded with

    "Just another reminder that animals, however dangerous, won’t harm others unless they feel threatened."

  3. this temple reminds me mahabalipuram excavations. looks similar..

  4. I hope they will find more interesting stuff.

  5. Very interesting to know that there are more than 30 temples burried.
    Even more interesting is the fact that the honey bees dont attack the humans. Perfect harmony!
    Rolling back the fess, we could only wish!!

  6. Interesting to know there r still so many temples buried under...actually u're very right bout bees...thr's a massive bee hive in my apartment complex which is rite above the front porch...till nw, we nvr had any issues wid it...if u just ignore it, they'll carry on wid their work too...:)

  7. Thanks Deepak, Indrani, Ram, Raj and Uma for your comments

  8. I first read about Talakad in R.K. Narayan's "The Emerald Route" and was fascinated by the account of temples buried under the sand. Your photographs and post brought it alive. Thank you so much.

    I have never visited this region of Karnataka and your post has inspired me to visit this area sooner rather than later.

  9. Nice pics Shrinidhi. Well, it was shocking to know the entry fee being raised to such exorbitant prices. Was that to fill in the budget deficit due to all political mess up in the state?

  10. MOhan:
    Now that 90% of MLAs have life threat and need Z plus security, we shouldn;t be surprised if rates go up another round...

    I've not read that book. Adding to list


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