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War Cemetery, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

On our way to Tiger temple, we stopped at a war cemetery at Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Close to 7000 brave souls are remembered in this memorial, most of them with individual stones/graves, while others remembered as a big list carved on the wall. Not just the soldiers who died fighting, POWs (Prisoners of War) are also buried here.

Those who died were from different nationalities- mainly Australian, Dutch and British. 11 Indians are also honored.

I leave you with couple of images of the cemetery.

 Wall with Soldier's names carved
 Below: Close up of one of the graves
If you have time, there're a few railway museums and boating points nearby. If you're short of time, this cemetery can be skipped.

A memorial like this ensures our soldiers' sacrifice is not forgotten. But back home, what we're doing for War martyrs, those brave souls who died at the border or died fighting militants and naxals inside the nation is not good. No proper memorial for Kargil heros, those who die fighting naxals are forgotten within days. Our government is spineless to take any action when Pak troops kill our soldiers. Hope things change for good.

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