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Painted Stork closeup photo

Bird photography is tricky
Birds don’t give a damn that you’re trying to click a beautiful photo of theirs and hope to get 100s of likes on facebook. They don’t care to pose for you. So we need to wait with patience for that one good shot.

Birds don't trust humans. Of all the living creatures humans are probably least trusted ones by other species (and within too). This means birds won't come closer to you so that you can take better photo. We need to use telephoto lens and bigger ones at that. Even 300mm is usually not adequate. 

Birds are hyperactive and won't stay still. What this means is we need to be fast. Birds won't wait till I take the camera out, fix the lens, set up tripod, position, focus and click. Most of the time camera takes a second or two to focus and in that critical moment, birds move away and a potential good shot is lost.

Hence in order to photograph birds, one needs to be either extremely lucky (all the above works in our favor) or one should have lots of time and patience to wait for hours and get a good shot. Being weekend traveler, I don't have luxury of time and I usually rely on the former- luck.

Why I said all these is because of below shot. While exploring birds at Vedanthangal, I accidentally managed to click the below. A painted stork flew relatively close and I managed to click this. I feel it is the closest bird in flight I've clicked properly so far.

Two other close up photos (nothing unique about them)- First one is Black headed Ibis and other one is Pelican

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  1. Terrific clicks with amazing clarity, loved all of them.

  2. Nice clicks..... These are really difficult shots to make....

  3. Hi Shrinidhi,

    I'm amazed after looking at these photos, the first one especially. You've done a marvelous job at clicking these wonderful creatures in action. Thanks for sharing :)

    Do check out my entry for Get Published.


    My Blog | My Entry to Indiblogger Get Published

  4. This is a fabulous record you're creating.

  5. The second image is of a black headed ibis..

  6. Thanks Arun. Corrected. Thanks

    Jay Singh: Thanks

    Debopam: Thanks

    Arti: Thanks

  7. The 1st one is beautiful but they all show so many details-wow.

  8. Very much clear and nice photos
    I too got few recently

    You can watch them on


  9. These pics are horrible lol, I would format my memory card if it's filled with shit like this


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