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Aero India 2013 random photos

Few other photos from Aero India 2013. Sorry for posting them some 4 months late though.

I didn't know planes can have sun roof... Or is it the other plane behind the jumbo?

Below is another view of people standing on the plane and watching the show
Bullets/mini bombs used in fighter helicopters
Indian Forces displaying combat and rescue skills

This jumbo cargo carrier from US Airforce (C17 Globe Master) did some rounds, but no one cheered for it, as it looked like a fat lady walking on the ramp
However, it looks majestic when parked. Below are some images to help you understand relative size.
See the width of the plane

Personal jets for sale. Note to self: Should revisit after I make my millions. Wanted to check if any of these are available for self drive
 Close up of a rotter
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