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Book Review: 'My Stoke of Luck'-Vijay Santhanam

When I got this book- "My stroke of Luck" from Blog adda for review, I flipped through few pages in random and realized that it is not a fiction. For a moment I wasn't sure what to expect from the book and felt it might not be interesting to read. But as I read on, I realized that I was wrong.

This book, "My Stroke of luck" narrates a remarkable true story of a stroke ('heart attack' as it is commonly known) victim. Irrespective of your appetite towards reading, reading this particular book is critical because of following reasons:

We all agree that we'll die one day, but none of us expect or plan for encountering a danger today, tomorrow  or in near future. We never suspect that we might get a stroke or meet with an accident or something else any time soon. Heart attack can happen to anyone, even for those who have perfectly shaped body and seemingly healthy and active. So knowing the symptoms and safety measures can make all the difference between life and death.

Stroke or heart attack is not end of the world. It is very much possible to recover from it and lead a normal life. Good family support, undertaking right medical advise and therapies and lots and lots of will power can aid in quick recovery.

Back to the book, Author Vijay Santhanam has shared his life experience of surviving a stroke and recovering fully from it. Half of his brain and body becomes non active and author undergoes a remarkable journey to recover back to normalcy. While many would have resigned to their fate and give up, author managed to push the boundaries, recover much faster and take back control of his life. Author had to re-learn alphabets among many other things. It is difficult for me to explain here in few paragraphs- one should have either experienced it or read from someone who's undergone it and taken the trouble to document everything in a book

While the author was financially well off, living in Singapore with access to good medical facility, adequate insurance coverage, not all of us could be that lucky, in terms of money power and access to medical help. Hence it is even more important to plan well, stay alert and stay prepared. Do read the book for tips and inspiration to recover from cardiac arrests.

Another point to note: You might forget all your passwords if you suffer a stroke. Keep a plan how to recover it later- either share it with trusted people or keep them safe somewhere, some place you'll remember to look for.

However there seems to be another book with same title, written by Kirk Douglas and published by HarperCollins

Key facts
Title: My Stroke of Luck
Soft Cover
Author: Vijay Santhanam
MRP: Rs 299 (Rs 224 on flipkart)
No of Pages: 234
Publisher:  Hay House
Genre: Medical/Inspirational

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  1. Modern life-style is the primary cause for strokes/ heart attacks. We need to change our style of living- from avoiding junk food to resorting to daily walking.

    Nice review.

  2. I read this book too. The author put lot of efforts in documenting what he faced and how he has overcome.


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