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Phuket-Krabi Thailand 7 days optimized itinerary

This post aims to help plan your Phuket and Krabi trip in Thailand in an optimized way. Assuming you’ve 7 days, 6 nights at your disposal, below is an itinerary you can adapt n customize. Feel free to ask any questions/clarifications.
Flight ticket bookings: Book two one way tickets- from your city to Phuket and then return flight from Krabi to your city. (Or vice versa, if tickets are cheap- fly into Krabi, fly out of Phuket). This will help you visit both cities and not having to come back all the way for your return flights. 

Hotel bookings: If you have 6 nights, I suggest booking 3 nights in Phuket, 1 or 2 nights in Phi Phi island and balance in Krabi.

Itinerary: (assuming you fly into Phuket, fly out of Krabi, if not reverse)

Day 01: Arrival in Phuket and South Phuket Exploration
  1. Arrive in Phuket, city bus to Phuket city (less than 100 THB per person) or airport shuttle minibuses (180 THB per person) or taxi, depending on your budget and convenience.
  2. I am assuming you will have at least half a day to explore Phuket once you reach your hotel and fresh up. If not customize as per your available timing and preferences.
  3. For half a day in Day 1, you can rent a motorcycle and tour South Phuket.
  4. Begin from Patong (assuming this is where your hotel will be), head to Freedom Beach (private beach 200 THB entry fee applies), Karon and Kata beaches, Karon viewpoint, Windmill view point, Elephant camps, Prompthep Cape, Rawai beach and Big Buddha Phuket. This ride will be around 100 kms and will take 4-5 hours depending on how much time you stop for at each place. Return to hotel by evening.
  5. Night you can visit Simon Cabaret or walk in the streets enjoying street food, night life. Be careful about scams.

Day 02: James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay Exploration
You can book a package tour for visiting James Bond Island (convenient, 1400 THB per person but not very optimal) or try exploring it on your own like I did (read details here). If you explore on your own, you will be able to more places of interest in Phang Nga bay, such as view points, waterfalls and caves. (details here)

Return to hotel by night and rest for the day.

Day 03: Explore rest of the places of interest around Phuket
You can ride to Monkey Hill, Rang Hill, Wat Chalong temple, visit Phuket Zoo, try offroading, visit Phuket Aquarium, trick eye museum, old town, Fantasea, upside town house, Kathu, Ton sai waterfalls and so on. Try some beach adventures like Jetski ride, para sailing or Banana boat ride etc.

Day 04: Phuket to Phi-Phi island
Check out and take a boat to Phi Phi island. Phi Phi is a nice scenic island in between Phuket and Krabi, around 90 minutes by boat. Very scenic spot, ideal for beach activities. Recommend spending minimum 1 night here, 2 if possible. There’re few resorts and several budget stay options in Phi Phi. Once you reach Phi Phi, check into your accommodation, refresh and head out. You can try Kayaking on the beach or trek to view point and try some local food (Do not miss the coconut ice cream). You will find lots n lots of friendly cats in Phi Phi.
Plan your next day- you can book a half day/full day boat cruise to nearby islands or sign up for a Scuba dive. You can book these from any of the travel shops around your hotel, rates are pretty much same everywhere but be sure to cross check in couple of shops before paying. (Note: If you’re spending only 1 night, ensure that you will be back from boat ride/scuba in time for last boat to Krabi, usually around 3.30/4 PM).

Note: Smaller, long tail boats can go closer to rocks and islands, bigger boats pass through from distance. Maya Bay costs additional 400 THB in entry fee.
Night in Phi-Phi

Day 05- Adventure/Exploration in Phi Phi Islands
Head out to your planned activity- boat ride/scuba etc. Have fun in the islands.
I am assuming you;ll spend one more night in Phi Phi. If not be sure to back in Phi Phi by 3 or 4 PM latest to take last boat to Krabi
Note: If you wish to spend more time in Phuket/Krabi you can do that, by skipping Phi Phi island. You can take overnight bus to Krabi or go to Phi Phi in morning and proceed to Krabi by boat same day. I suggest don't bother squeezing in Bangkok also in same trip- will be hectic unless you've several more days to spare. Bangkok-Pattaya-Kanchanaburi can be another trip.

Day 06: Krabi
Check out and take a boat to Krabi. Once in Krabi you can spend your last 2 days in Krabi at leisure, shopping etc or do indulge in some more explorations – like Tiger cave, Mu Ko Lanta National park, island tours etc.
Night in Krabi

Day 07: Flight back to India
If your flight is in evening you can squeeze in few more activities/beach adventure in the morning. Else have a relaxed day, head to airport in time for your return flight.

Thailand is also good place for Honeymoon, due to its extremely scenic destinations and tourist friendly and in budget options. 

Things to remember:
  1. Rent bikes from reputed agencies only, to avoid being scammed (some agencies steal their own bikes and make you pay)
  2. Visit during off season if possible. Saves lots of money, less crowd. Check here for all the benefits and risks of visiting Thailand in off season.
  3. Try booking during Air Asia sale- I got Chennai Phuket return ticket for Rs 9900 only. You should be able to get a decent return ticket or two one way ticket for around 15000-16000 INR in normal conditions if booked few months in advance.


  1. A bit detailed iteniery for 2 days in Krabi would be helpful.

  2. really helpful and very informative... almost everything covered .. thanks a ton

  3. Can you suggest any reputed agencies for renting bike in patong beach ?

    1. I have tried Royal Brothers. You can try them.. my review here

      Haven't tried other agencies- you can possibly walk around, check out and decide on the spot or take advise from your hotel staff.

  4. Indian driving license will be enough to drive over there?


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