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View of Ho Chi Minh City from Saigon Skydeck

Bitexco Financial tower is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh city, second tallest in Vietnam. This building is locally known as Saigon (former name for Ho Chi Minh city) Skydeck. The tower is 263 meters tall and has 68 floors, mostly office space. The 49th floor is open to visitors, who can see a view of the city in all directions. Saigon Skydeck is the first place I visited upon arriving in Ho Chi Minh city.

Next 4 photos show the view of Ho Chi Minh city from the skydeck

The green open space you see next to the river (which is called Sigon river) is being set aside to develop a central business district. Lots of office complexes, few hotels and residence projects will come up here. View on the other side is pretty typical of any metros. Lots of buildings till your eyes can reach.

The Entry fee is 200000 VND (INR 600 approx) for visitors, discounted fee applies students/elderly people. The Bitexco tower claims to be #5 out of top 20 most iconic buildings in the world.
View of the observation deck itself was click worthy.
As in all observation decks, a small cafe, souvenir shop and restroom facilities are available. More about this tower on Wikipedia here. Stay tuned for more posts on Vietnam.

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  1. The river meandering between the buildings is amazing site. Looks like the river is playing a dominant role in giving the character to the city.


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