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Nirvana Adventures Elementary paragliding course FAQs

This post shares a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to elementary paragliding course I did in Kamshet with Nirvana Adventure recently. This post will address most of your generic queries relate to Elementary paragliding course. My detailed experience is now available in a separate post here
1. What will you learn at the end of EP course?
You will learn forward launch, with assistance, basic navigation like turning around and safe landing with radio instructions

2. What will we not learn in the EP course?
EP course is a basic level and won’t enable you to do cross country flight or do tandem ride or fly totally alone with zero aid. These activities need more training (Intermediate and club pilot level trainings, lots of flying hours etc). Do check for details of the courses.

3. What is the duration of the Elementary Paragliding course?
4 days. Another student who was with me took a 3 days taster course, difference being that I got to do few more flights on Day 03 evening and Day 04 morning, which he had to miss.

4. What is the level of fitness required?
One should be able bodied and reasonably fit. If you’re too young/too old or have any medical conditions that require special attention or prohibits normal outdoor activities then you should consult with a doctor or check with Nirvana to see if you are fit enough. You will have to carry an equipment bag weighing 10-12 kgs from parking lot to top of the hill, multiple times. Carry boys (porters) might be available at paragliding site who will carry it for you for a fee (full details here) and reduce your burden, but their availability is not always 100% guaranteed, so you should be ready to carry the load if no help is available. You will be out in the training site under hot sun for about 3 hours at a stretch so should be able to remain active throughout despite heat and uphill climb that will be required. Read my experience in a separate post (coming soon). You don’t have to be athletic or a fitness champion- most normal people can take up elementary course without problems.

5. Can women also take this elementary paragliding course?
Of course, Yes. Medhavi Davda has recently completed her EP course. Please note that there’re no toilet facilities near the hills where training sessions happen. You might have to manage without a loo break for 4-5 hours (from Native place till Native Place)

6.What is the course fee for elementary paragliding course?
Around INR 20000 for 4 day course and factor another 4 to 10k for transport, flights etc. Most Paragliding training institutes don't publish rate card in public, due to competitive reasons (my guess) Please check with Nirvana for prevailing fees, applicable taxes and related details. Thrillophila for example is selling the 3 day course for 16k 

7. What does the fee cover?
  • Access to all the equipment needed to learn paragliding
  • Classroom sessions and simulator trainings
  • Daily outdoor training with assistance from qualified instructor, transport to trainig spot and back
  • Stay at Native Place during the course in a dormitory (shared beds) and food
8. What the fee doesn’t cover?
  • Your transportation to Native place and back- will cost approximately INR 3000-4000 from Pune/Mumbai if you don’t have a vehicle + flight to Pune/Mumbai if you’re coming from somewhere else
  • Optional purchases- like additional snacks and alcohol purchase
  • Any loss/damage to equipments given to you when it is under your custody
  • Upgrade to private rooms, if you wish
9. Is spending so much worth it?
It is a relative thing and depends on each Individual's taste and preferences. When I spent close to 30k on skydiving many said it is waste of money. I have explained in this post my thoughts behind spending so much on adventure. 20k (plus another 4 to 10k for transport) may seem a lot- but ask yourself how much have you spent on shopping/partying over past 6 months- you'd have probably spent more money on various luxuries. I believe in spending on experience than things and these are the experiences we should have in life- upgrade to latest phone or the new set of fashion cloths can wait. This is my opinion. Please do assess and decide for yourself.

10. Should I book in advance? Is there a huge rush?
I was told Nirvana can take upto 15 students simultaneously, as there’s a limitation on availability of trainers, equipment, dorm spaces and time window to conduct trainings. Long weekends usually see very high demand. If you’re a working professional looking for a long weekend batch, then plan well, confirm your slot and book. Weekday classes will be relatively lighter, you can book closer to training date. But since you’ll also have to plan your travel to Pune and other things, once you’ve made up your mind to take the course, do check with Nirvana and block your slot so that you can plan better.

11. What is the best time to undertake this course?
Post monsoon till late Feb is considered best time. March is doable, April & May will be the least preferred season due to soaring temperature. You will need more water, more rest in these months. During monsoon no flight is possible hence the school remains shut from June till September/October time

12. If I am doing a course can I bring a companion who will stay with me but won’t be taking the course?
Yes. Please check with Nirvana for availability of space and applicable fees.

13. When is next batch starting?
Do check with Nirvana. They can share dates of new batches in next few months. Note than current flying season will end towards end of May as rainy season approaches.

14. How is the stay at Native Place? What else can I do while staying there?
Please refer this separate post for Native Place related FAQs and details

15. Is Kamshet best place to learn paragliding?
In all of South India, Kamshet seems to be the best place. As much as 4 operators are based here. I have read about Paragliding being done in Yelagiri, Nandi hills and few other places, but these aren't as good, as consistent and as popular as Kamshet. Bir billing in Himachal Pradesh is the next most popular spot.Thus I think Kamshet is one of the best places to learn Paragliding in India.

16. What next after completing elementary paragliding course?
EP doesn't empower you to fly all alone without support. One should plan for intermediate and club pilot course. With CP and after logging enough hours you can participate in various paragliding events, competitions, cross country flights etc. You can also take additional training to operate tandem flights

17. If I don't have 4 days can I do the elementary course in 2 days?
My suggestion will be to spare at least 3 days. You can work with Nirvana to see how best it can be customized for your needs. At times wind and weather will not be co-operative and practicals may not happen or may not happen for long enough duration.

Do you have any other questions related to elementary paragliding course? Let me know. I can answer in comments and if required, can update the post with your questions


  1. Great to know about the paragliding course.Very useful infos.

  2. Well detailed out. Hopefully my next trip to Pune, I shall look this one up. Cheers

  3. Its really good to know about this course, hopefully will go for it one day.


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