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Visiting Horton Plains Srilanka-FAQs - 10 things to know

During my Srilanka trip visited the popular Horton Plains National Park. It was an expensive one at a fee of 20 USD per person, no discount for SAARC countries. Information I could get online was limited hence I've drafted this post detailing many questions you may have while planning your visit to Horton Plains National Park. You can use this for planning. I have a separate post here sharing our detailed experience exploring Horton Plains National Park

1. How much is the entry fee to visit Horton Plains?
Entry fee for foreign nationals is about 20 USD per person. Our fee for 6 people + 1 Srilankan driver was 18040 LKR.
2. Should everyone buy a ticket? Even if they’re not planning to go for a walk?
It is possible that in your group there could be some senior citizens, kids who may not be keen to walk 8kms in Horton Plains. I wanted to check if there's an option of not buying tickets for such people.

When I asked this question at the ticket counter, the counter guy insisted that I should buy ticket for all. I believe this was a misleading information. If let us say your group as 6 people and two of them do not plan to walk 8 kms on the Horton plains and would wait in the van while others go for a walk, I think it should be ok to buy the tickets for remaining 4 people alone. The checking happens only at check post from where the walk begins, not at the spot where vehicles enter or exit the national park area. But do use your discretion and cross check.

3. How much time is required to explore Horton Plains?
Total walking path is 8 kms from information centre. Google says 2 hours if you walk non stop. But we took about 4 hours, including multiple breaks, photo stops. Depending on how fit you’re physically, how much time you’d like to spend at various spots, you should factor about 3 to 5 hours. This is the time needed once you reach Horton Plains National Park checkpost. Reaching there would take about an hour from Nuwara Eliya.

Alternatively you can do only a part of the circuit and come back, but it may not really be worth it. Try to complete the circuit.

4. Is there public transportation to go to Horton Plains?
No. I didn’t see any public transportation. You will have to hire a taxi.

5. Is the path at Horton plains convenient for kids, senior citizens?
Not 100%. There were multiple stretches that had large boulders, rocks, steep steps etc. Small kids/senior citizens may need some support/hand holding or extra caution to negotiate these portions. Refer some pics below. It isn’t impossible, but the path is not 100% plain- involves going up and down, negotiating minor obstacles.

6. What facilities are available at Horton Plains?
Toilet facilities were available at two different spots on the walking trail and one more near entrance. A canteen exists at the information center (aka Checkpost) which had some snacks items at 12 noon but was closed at 4 PM. We found multiple streams of flowing fresh water- filled our bottles with water in one of them. Another private canteen provides tea/snacks/lunch. But better to carry whatever you may need, than relying to buy at Horton Plains

7. What else to keep in mind while visiting Horton Plains National Park?

  • Plastic bags and stuff won’t be allowed- you may have to deposit it at the check post- they allowed Tupperware bottles, but biscuits and breads had to be taken out of their plastic wrappers and carried in a paper bag. Avoid carrying plastic stuff- leave them in the vehicle.
  • Many visitors try a sunrise trek to Adam's peak- some 100 kms from Horton Plains National Park. We didn't try this, but if you wish, book a stay somewhere closer and check with your host for trekking options.
  • There're no rain shelters. Do carry umbrella/raincoat 
  • No camping is allowed. You need to exit before 6 PM. Plan to reach in morning half of the day..
  • There was no mobile signal in horton plains national park. (I had Mobitel, I guess it is same for other service providers as well)
8. What are the opening hours of Horton Plains National Park?
6 AM to 6 PM

9. What birds and animals could be spotted at Horton Plains National Park?
We spotted a squirrel, deers, wild hens. Nothing more.

10. What exactly can we see/do at Horton Plains National Park?
You can see two view points- Mini World's end and world's End. A waterfall- Baker's fall, enjoy super long walk (up to 8 kms) amidst nature- green plains and forests, try some landscape photography if you wish, might spot some birds, deers etc if lucky. You will also cross many freshwater streams. Overall, great place if you love nature. Nothing super attractive if you're pressed for time or don't want to spend 20 USD per person + transportation.
This post only focuses on FAQs to help in your planning. I have a separate post detailing our visit experience to Horton Plainsnational park.


  1. Good experience. Thank you for sharing. I intend to come to Horton Plains Srilanka next month torrents

  2. Never heard about Horton plains but your post gave so many details to make us curious, to know more. Thanks.


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