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Dambulla Golden temple, Srilanka- worth a visit

Dambulla golden temple wasn't on my plan before visiting Srilanka- I had considered a possible trip to Dambulla Rock temple but not the golden one.

When we arrived at Dambulla by bus, Tuk Tuk (auto) drivers surrounded us. One of the driver asked if I want to go to Golden Temple or Rock Temple. I stuck to my plan of visiting Rock temple, because I feared auto driver may trick us. While Rock temple was ok- read detailed post here, I feel it would have been wise decision to go to Golden temple first.

  • Golden temple is closer to town- easier and cheaper to reach
  • There're steps from Golden temple to Rock temple- saves a longer detour by road
  • Many in our group liked Dambulla Golden temple better than Dambulla rock temple.

Dambulla golden temple is a small campus with following attractions
A small pagoda near the entrance where most devotees do quick worship

A golden colour buddha statue- we climbed stairs to get a closer view of this statue located on roof of the building.

A museum- entry fee 200 LKR, we skipped it.

A line up of monk statues.
This was the most interesting part to us- line up of monk statues who are out to ask for alms Dambulla golden temple campus is definitely worth a stopover while passing through Dambulla
 Nearby- Sigiriya Lion Rock


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