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Royal Pool Villa and other luxury room types at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa

This post is about my room at JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Jaipur and a quick intro to other room types at JW Marriott Resorts and Spa in Jaipur. Royal Pool villa is one of most luxurious rooms in JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa, just below the Royal Palace Villa and the presidential suite- the most expensive and luxurious stay options at the palace property.
Key features of Royal Pool Villa at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa
1. Bedroom with full glass ceiling to floor windows: The bed room comes with roof to floor glass windows with curtains. When opened, room looks really spacious and natural light floods in. You can let your kids play outside in the courtyard or the pool and keep an eye on them from the bedroom.
Above and below: View from the bedroom with all curtains folded
Above: Closer look at the bed
Below: A designer table and customized TV remote
Above: The exterior view of Royal Pool villa entrance- for a moment I thought the entire building is mine. In reality only a portion is the ground floor constitutes Royal Pool Villa (Refer below image). There will be another Royal Pool villa on the other side and two Royal Terrance villas on the first floor. Very clever design
2. The Private pool
Royal Pool Villa, as the name suggests, gets a mini private pool-not available in other room types except the suites. The pool isn’t deep and long enough for proper swimming but is good enough to refresh and chillax.

Another Royal pool villa that we visited during property tour had following design. Another room where some of my fellow bloggers stayed had a 3rd design- so pool design may vary from villa to villa depending on space available.
3: The private garden
Each private villa has some gardening, date trees and flower plants. My villa has 2 date trees (how I wished they were coconut instead), few flower bearing plants and other green plants.

4. A courtyard/sitting area
There is a nice sitting area outside the room- to relax under natural air. The highrise walls all around ensure full privacy. I find this setting totally useful for one specific purpose- you can leave your camera bag outside before entering bedroom. This ensures that camera lens doesn’t get fogged when you get out. (If you keep it in AC for long time then once out we have to wait several minutes to clear the fogging).
Bedroom may have either two single beds or one king size bed- you can select this option during booking. A sofa is available next to the bed.

A large TV stands between the pool and bedroom.
On the table there’s a French coffee maker- this isn’t available in cheaper category rooms. Standard rooms get only a kettle.

Then there’s a bathroom and shower area, toilet, dressing mirror and a storage room with locker, hangers, iron table, iron, torch, bathing suite and other such essentials.

How much does the laundry cost? Below is the price list for laundry- I think the prices are at par with any super luxury hotel will charge.

The good things
1. Keycard was strong- Many hotels have keycards that are very sensitive to electromagnetic waves- they stop working if they come in contact with mobile phones or such electronic devices and we have to go back to reception to get them reprogrammed. Didn’t face any such issue with my key card. Also Marriott gives multiple key card- we can leave one keycard in the room- so that your power bank or some device can get charged while you’re away. This is very useful feature.

2. WiFi was very strong. In fact this was free WiFi. There is an even stronger paid WiFi option if you prefer.

3. Many hotels keep only one or two water bottle. But my room had water bottles at multiple places- on the table, next to the bed on both sides etc-so water is accessible easily and you don’t have to move too much.

4. My room was closer to the outer wall and the hill. I could constantly hear chirping sound of the peacocks, who were somewhere closeby on the other side of the wall. The outer wall also offers privacy and protection from strong winds/heat waves.

5. The vintage looking fan was interesting.
6. Pool villa having an outer door that is lockable means we can comfortably leave things around at convenience

What’s not there?
There is no mood lighting, not much personalization/customization like name on pillow, welcome letter or things like that. But guests get a room orientation wherein a staff would explain various features of the room, how to operate controls etc. I missed this as I went for lunch directly upon arrival. Also no personal butler as it may be available in some properties. 

I’ve seen resort housekeeping staff showcasing their craftsmanship on the towel, by making it in various shapes like swan, elephant etc. Didn’t see such things in my room- not that these things mattered to me, but had to share my observation for those who are keen to know all the details.

What are the other room types in JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa?
1. Royal Guest Room (or Standard Room)
This is the cheapest room category, located in the palace block first and second floor- may have pool view or garden/court yard view depending on which side of the corridor you get the room.

Note that all room categories is sold in two variants- King room (one King Size bed) and Twin room (two single beds)-so you will find two listings on websites selling the rooms-Royal King Room and Royal Twin room and so on. I've only focused on main categories.
Royal Guest rooms feature a bathroom section which can be accessed privately or made spacious/open by removing the partition between bedroom and bathroom- depending on how romantic/accessible/stylish you would like it to be. Otherwise all standard facilities of a luxury hotel room are available in the Royal guest room.

But given its affordable pricing, Royal guest room will not have any pool or balcony or premium accessories like french coffee maker.

2. Royal Family Room
Similar to Royal Guest room but has two queen beds- ideal for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids.

3. Royal Courtyard Villa
Royal Pool villa is similar in design to Royal Pool villa described above but with following differences
-The private pool will be missing. Instead it will have an open space/courtyard in that space. This is useful for families with kids who need more space to play or if you wish to hold some meetings in the garden outside the room
-No French coffee maker

4. Royal Terrace Villa
Royal Terrace villa is obviously located on the higher floor, with a private terrace. The bedroom was longer/spacious than the pool villa, but terrace villa will not get a private pool. Terrace will have different views- of the pool or the hill or the courtyard etc, depending on where your villa is located in the property.
5. Palace Studio Suite
We couldn't visit this, but the specialty of this category is sound proof rooms and a dedicated dining table

6. The Royal Palace suite
It was occupied so we couldn't check it out. Don't have any photos. The website lists it at around 50000 per day, so you can expect 3 times the luxury, comfort, space and facilities compared to a Royal Guest room

7. The Presidential Suite
We couldn’t visit this room as it was occupied. But as the name suggests the presidential suite is the most expensive room category with all features and facilities available. Its pricing is not usually listed online- you (or in most cases your secretary!) will have to request with the hotel directly.

How much would a stay cost at JW Marriott Jaipur Resorts and Spa?
There is no one price that I can list. It is a function of following factor
  • How early/late you're booking
  • Are you a Marriott/SPG member or not (if you're not sign up immediately and save)
  • Room type preferred
  • Season (peak, off peak etc)
  • Booking on Marriott website or 3rd party sites or via Marriott's sales team
  • Number of rooms or no. of days you'd book (wedding planners who book entire hotel may get the rooms for much cheaper than list price.
An observation I've made is that rooms are cheaper if you book one or two days in advance- like half the standard price- this is natural as hotel would try to sell unsold inventory at a discount last minute. But the risk of waiting till last minute is that the resort may get sold out. So if you have a firm plan and need the rooms for your dates, recommended to book in advance. If you want to take a gamble, wait till last minute and book 24-48 hours in advance

Below is a quick table that gives an idea of what it costs to book a room at JW Marriott Resorts and Spa Jaipur. Of course, do expect 10-20% variation depending on factors explained above
Room type
Lowest Price I’ve seen
(checked for tomorrow)
Standard price
(Checked for one month from now)
Peak Season
(Checked for Jan 03-04)
Standard Room/Royal Guest Room
8617 on for Royal Twin room, 10k for King Room
Royal Family Room
Royal Terrace Villa
Palace Studio Suite
Royal Courtyard villa
Royal Pool Villa
Palace suite
Presidential suite

All prices are in INR.

Prices as seen on Marriott's website and or for random dates while preparing this blog post. These are for immediate reference only and not to be taken as guaranteed prices. Actual prices may vary- do check on official sites for the dates you have in mind.

Thus there're rooms for every budget and need in JW Marriott Jaipur resort and spa. Suggest you try their hospitality on your next visit to Jaipur.

JW Marriott Jaipur Resorts and Spa is already sold out for various key dates like Christmas, new year etc. I was told on any given day they have more than 70% occupancy and are sold out on most popular days and season. Further we were told more than 65% bookings come from their dedicated sales team, some 17-18% from Marriott's official website and the balance from 3rd party sites like Expedia, etc. This means the resort is quite popular and doing very well, though very young (opened in December 2017).

Standby for more posts from my JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa experience- have planned separate posts on the restaurants, facilities, campus and so on.

Points to be noted: While Marriott's website sells room with breakfast and double occupancy, seems to be selling these rooms in different formats- with and without breakfast, single/double occupancy, no-refund, free cancellation and so on. While most guests will need breakfast, if you have a too early morning flight or you're attending a conference where breakfast is arranged, you might wish to avail without breakfast rate and save a thousand bucks. You can book your room at JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa using the widget below.


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