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60% Cheaper Indoor skydiving @ 1 Utama mall Kuala Lumpur!

Last year, I had experienced Indoor skydiving in Australia's Gold Coast.  I had paid 69 AUD for a weekday session. This week, during our visit to Malaysia's 1 Utama mall (World's 7th largest and Malaysia's largest) I learnt that Indoor Skydiving is a lot cheaper here- almost 60% less as compared to what I had paid in Australia.
The indoor skydiving in 1Utama mall is operated by AirRider - their rates are as below and it is about two thirds cheaper than iFly, a more popular indoor skydiving operator with franchises in various big cities around the world including Singapore, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth and so on.

You can also book combi packages- indoor skydiving + flow rider (surfing experience) and save more. Download Oneshp app.
Rate per session
(Weekday, First timer, 1 hour session)
iFly Gold Coast
Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast
72 AUD
50 USD/209 MYR
iFly Singapore
Sentosa, Singapore
69 SGD
50 USD/209 MYR
Air Rider
1 Utama Mall, Kuala Lumpur
89 MYR
21 USD/89 MYR
Please note:
The one hour session doesn't mean you will spend 1 hour inside the wind tunnel skydiving. One hour is the total duration of the session-including signing indemnity bond, attending a briefing session, dressing up, waiting for your turn. You will spend just about 2 minutes inside the chamber. You can opt for an additional 2 minutes for another 38 MYR (since you've completed all formalities it is lot cheaper for them to fly you for an additional minute than having to repeat entire process)

Disclaimer: I have experienced Indoor skydiving only at ifly Gold Coast and not in Malaysia. But we had a guided tour of the Air Rider Indoor skydiving facility at 1Utama Mall- the process, facilities and experience appears similar, hence price difference and savings is significant.

Prices vary by weekday/weekend and type of entry (number of sessions, single/group etc). Please check with respective official websites for latest rates and offers. Refer Air Riders official website https://airrider.my/for details and booking.

Indoor skydiving is not a substitute for actual skydiving experience (I had done tandem skydiving in Mysuru in 2013)- While actual skydiving gives you freefall experience due to gravity, Indoor skydiving keeps you floating in the air with help of wind tunnel propelled air gushing upwards. But then given that actual skydiving can cost you as much as 500 USD, Indoor one is a lot cheaper alternative for starters.

One Utama Mall's management told us that lots of people take AirAsia flight, come to Malaysia and experience various sports One Utama mall has to offer- it works out lot cheaper than trying the same activities in one's own country.

I have few more posts planned for other details/attractions at 1 Utama Mall. 

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