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Encore Melaka-Impression Series-must try visual experience!

When in Melaka, we visited Encore Melaka. What is Encore Melaka? Difficult to explain in few words- it is not a pure play theatre performance, it is not a movie or virtual reality show, it is not a dance show. Encore Melaka is an amalgamation of technology driver visual treat combined with artistic performance that gives audience an intense, immersive experience of Melaka's history, cultural heritage and richness.
The 7 shows of Encore Melaka Impression series
The show we say lasted for about 90 minutes and had about 7 different scenes/stories:
1. Parameswara
This story is from the 14th century where king of Sumatra- Parameshwara came to Melaka to hunt. During hunting, kings hunting dogs chased a deer but deer bravely fought off the dogs and escaped. Seeing the courage of the mouse deer king decides to make this place his capital and the city gets the name Melaka because of the Melaka tree under which king was resting during the incident.

2. Cheng Ho
Illustrates the arrival of Chinese trader Cheng Ho into Melaka after which Chinese community grew in Melaka. Cheng Ho was a Chinese mariner, diplomat and explorer who helped Chinese rulers expand their territory.

3. Nyonya and Wedding
Focus on Chinese culture and heritage

4. Six Mothers
This is a story of an orphan baby that floated into Melaka from a ship wreck and adopted by 6 mothers each belonging to different religion- Indian, Malay, Chinese, Chettinad, Muslim and Persian. The story depicts the man's recollection of good old days and his devotion for his six mothers.

5. Pregnant Woman
Signifies the birth of new Melaka and difficulties faced during the world war 2

6. WAU
Story of a craftsman and his life as kite maker

7. Grand Finale
All 200+ artists decent on the stage for a grand closing ceremony. Even audience are welcome to join on stage.

Watch a 12 min video below in which I have attempted to give a glimpse of what to expect at Encore melaka show. [Watch on youtube]

Key highlights:

200+ artists
Over 200 artists perform in each show. Some of the shows are on movable stages and often performed in combination with technology driven audio/visual narratives.

Rotating Seating:
The 360 degrees rotating audience platform: The seating area where audience sit rotates slowly, to make them face various parts of the stage. The movement is very slow and subtle- you won't really notice it if you are focusing enough on the show.

See yourself on the stage:
Towards the end, live cameramen descended on the stage, capturing audiences streamed instantly on the big screen. You can see me on the big screen!

Rules to keep in mind:
  • No DSLR/Professional equipment allowed inside. Locker available to keep them
  • Photography/videography using mobile phone is allowed, without using flash
  • Be sure to enter few minutes before the show starts. You won't be allowed in once show begins
  • You can't exit during the show. Visit restroom before the show and ensure you can sit tight for about 90 minutes
What else to do?
  1. Shop at the souvenir shop
  2. Try photographing the Encore Melaka building, particularly during sunset.
  3. Get photographed with the artists after the show
  4. I couldn't see a cafe/restaurant in campus. Souvenir shop has some light snacks like chips and cup noodles. Otherwise carry your own food or plan to visit restaurant in town after the show.
  5. Keep an eye on their website for special events- we were told there's an special event for international photographers next month, who will get witness the technology behind the Encore Melaka performance
Personal Tip:
Do some basic reading of Melaka's history before attending the Encore Melaka show- this will help you understand the show better. Our tour guide Joseph gave us good briefing while we were on our way to Encore Melaka. Show is intense and description is sometimes in English, and sometimes in Malay/Chinese. Attend with a clear mind to indulge in the experience, free from disturbances and expectations- you will enjoy the show better. If you don't like some components/moments or find them boring don't lose hope- scene changes shortly and you may enjoy the next piece.

Hotel+ Encore Melaka combi deal: Encore Melaka is owned by the same group that runs The Pines Hotel in Melaka (Melaka's largest rooms are in this hotel). They have a combi pricing wherein you will save money if you book hotel room+ encore Melaka show package. Check here for details. We stayed for a night at the Pines Hotel, Melaka, so a detailed review is coming up soon.
Key Information:
Show timings: 5.30 PM and 8.30 PM Monday to Saturday, 2.30 PM and 5.30 PM on Sunday
Show duration: about 90 minutes
Ticket Fee: MYR 148/248/568 (Standard/Premium/VIP for international guests, about 20 MYR less for Malaysia residents)
Capacity: 2000+ seats (1131 Standard, 841 Premium, 21 VIP)

Location: Encore Melaka is constructed on a reclaimed land.

Visit their official website https://encore-melaka.com/


  1. Amazing experience, Great to read about Encore Melaka.
    Thanks for the video.

  2. This was such a wonderful experience in Melaka. Well written post, Shrinidhi.

  3. Thank you for your review. I am going to see this show at this weekend. Could i record or take a photo during this show ( without flash ) by my Gopro or mobile phone ?


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