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Celebrating 1 crore (10 million) all time pageviews

As per Google blogger stats, which keeps a track of traffic received by this blog since its inception, enidhi.net has clocked an all time page views of 10 million so far. That is one crore views. I think this calls for a celebration.
Of course these 10 million page views have come after a time period of 14 years or around 0.7 million pageviews an year or 60000 page views a month on an average, during my blogs one and a half decade long journey.
From another perspective, these 10 million pageviews have come from some 2600+ blog posts, averaging around 3800 views per blog post on an average. Of course these are average numbers- some posts get more, some less.

Also different measuring tools show some variations- what Similarweb shows vs what Google Analytics shows vs what another 3rd party tool shows could be different, depending on how these tools track and measure. So depending on which tool you trust, what numbers you want to believe the perceptions could vary. Unlike a twitter/insta follower count etc there's no single universal comparison metrics in blog. DA, PA, Unique visitors, Pageviews, bounce rate and so many other metrics exist.

While 10 million looks huge, it is nothing compared some of the top sites. Amit Agarwal's Labnol gets 3 million page views per month. What I got in 14 years many sites achieve in a matter of months. So I need to contain my excitement. Still, I believe there's no harm in celebrating a milestone, however time-taking it has been to reach.

Also I don't know where I stand among other bloggers in terms of total pageviews. This info isn't available publicly for everyone to see, unless displayed by respective blogger (there're a few widgets- like there is one on this blog). There're many bloggers who have been blogging longer than me, have more traffic than me [Details]- may be they didn't notice crossing major milestones like millions or billions of pageviews or were humble not to advertise it.

What I have done and not done?
To me this growth has happened naturally. Only thing I did is I kept writing, on regular basis, at least a few posts per week on an average and sometimes even a post per day. This is the only thing I have done diligently.

I wrote what I wanted to share, not what people wanted to read. Many bloggers research which keywords getting more traffic and write posts around that. I always shared information about places I visited, observations I made, products I reviewed, irrespective of what readers wanted or looking for. This meant some difficulty in reaching right audience or rather, difficulty for right readers to discover my posts when they wanted. But then, I take pride in offering content that is unique, unbiased, first hand and can add real value to right readers.

I've not done extensive SEO- I do take some basic care to ensure post is not too off from well known SEO practices, but my posts are always written for the people.

I've kept in mind reader's time
  • I don't use flashy title that would work as click bait, 
  • I attempt to summarize the post in first para so that people can decide if the content is relevant for them or not.
  • I don't spam them by sharing same post repeatedly or in too many places.
  • I don't bug people to like my page or share my post etc. Whatever shares and likes and support I got is 100% voluntary.
I've not done extensive marketing- I do post on FB, twitter and in a few FB groups if I felt it is relevant, but beyond that, I am not doing FB boost, I am not promoting using adwords and not doing anything to market my content. Most audience still come from search engines organically and rest from social media/direct.

I don't write to please anyone- All my posts are brutally honest- calls spade a spade- no dramatic narrations, no hyped superlatives, no false recommendations of things not worth your time or money.

Thanks for being my reader, supporter and my source of inspiration and motivation in this 14 year long journey.

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  1. Best wishes Srinidhi - Truly appreciate your hard work and your passion for travel and documenting the same. Good luck as always.

  2. Badhai ho Badhai... Crorepati blogger jee :)

  3. Congrats!
    Whatever you are doing, it's the best for you. Yours is totally organic traffic and your readers are from all walks of life. And so there's no need to pressurize anyone. :)

    I think your frequent & regular posting and about the things that matter to people are your plus point.
    Keep it up.


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