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Get faster entry into Thailand with eVisa.

It is well known Thailand gives visa on arrival to many nationalities around the world. You can simply hop on a flight, arrive in Bangkok, flash your passport and enter Thailand. Sounds very simple, but it is not. Availing Visa on Arrival facility at Thailand’s airports is often a time consuming process. Arriving passengers will have to stand in line for hours till their turn comes, provide lots of evidence- more than 10000 baht per person in cash, hotel reservations, return tickets and other information to the satisfaction of visa officers and then be admitted inside Thailand. Those who fail to provide proof of funds or stay are likely to be turned back. Depending on time of the day, number of flights arriving along with yours and number of people wanting to avail visa on arrival, the wait time at airport can easily range from an hour to even 3-4 hours on busy days & hours. If you have a domestic connecting flight to somewhere else in Thailand- say Phuket- delay in visa processing can result in missed connection, spoiling your holiday plans.

A smart traveler like you can plan your trip better- by availing eVisa before leaving for Thailand. Opt for eVisa on Arrival for Thailand

Who can avail eVisa on Arrival for Thailand?
Citizens of 21 countries are eligible for this eVisa program
Asia, Middle East
        1.       Bhutan                   
        2.       China
        3.       India
        4.       Maldives
        5.       Kazakhstan
        6.       Saudi Arabia
        7.       Taiwan
        8.       Ukraine
        9.       Uzbekistan
      1.       Andorra
      2.       Bulgaria
      3.       Latvia
      4.       Lithuania
      5.       Malta
      6.       Cyprus
      7.       Romania
      8.       San Marino


       ·         Ethiopia
       ·         Mauritius

       ·         Fiji
       ·         Papua New Guinea

Things to keep in mind while applying for Thailand eVisa
  •           eVisa can be availed for tourism purposes only. For any other intention like study, work etc get proper visa to avoid being denied entry
  •          Max stay 15 days per entry. Have your return or onward ticket handy
  •          Passport valid for at least a month more after arriving in Thailand and having couple of empty pages is required
  •           Address of stay and proof of funds (THB 10000 per person) may be needed during entry
  •           EVisa is free of charge at this moment, till end of October 2019. Unless extended, a fee may apply thereafter.
  •           eVisa should be applied min 24 hours before leaving for Thailand and max 30 days before planned arrival date. (Validity granted is usually 30 days from date of issue)
  •           Thailand eVisa is currently available only for passengers entering Thailand via Bangkok (DMK or BKK airports) or Phuket and Chiang Mai airports only. Your final destination can be anywhere in Thailand but port of entry must be one of the above 4 to enter via eVisa.

Benefits of Thai e-Visa
-        Faster processing at Major airports in Thailand
-        No need to fill form again upon arrival

Why Visit Thailand?
Thailand offers something for everyone. It has pristine beaches, mountains and evergreen forests, tasty tender coconut, amazing shopping opportunities, mouth watering food, temples and historic sites (like Bridge over river Kwai), various cultural experiences and events (such as lantern festival, Phuket Bike festival), long distance biking/road trip opportunities and much more.  Thailand is very affordable to visit, can be visited around the year and local hospitality is great. All the more reasons why Thailand is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world.  Thailand has very affordable air connectivity with several budget airlines- Thai AirAsia, Thai Smile etc operating lots of domestic and international flights in and out of Thailand. Road and train network is great too. I have had 4 different trips to Thailand so far and have enjoyed each one of them.  Grab your passport and book your tickets to Thailand.
How to get Thailand EVisa?
Thai eVisa can be obtained through a simple process of submitting an online form from the convenience of your home/office.  Begin your visa process here: eVisa on Arrival for Thailand, follow the on screen instructions by providing your identity and travel details and you will get eVisa shortly.

Happy tripping to Thailand.


  1. I totally agree. Visa on Arrival facility is a time consuming process.

  2. i have booked Thailand trip at sept end. Thanks for info about evisa

  3. Glad they have introduced eVisa. It's quite a time consuming affair for visa on arrival.


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