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UFO Tower in Most NSP, Bratislava: views & visitor info

This tower was not in my plan as I headed out to explore Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. But I saw it built on a bridge and immediately felt it was unique. Towers are usually built on land but this tower was built on a bridge in the Danube River. Plus there was a circular thing on the top, which I thought as viewing deck, but it is restaurant. (there is a small observation deck above this)

Above and below: View of Most NSP UFO tower in Bratislava from different viewpoints

Austria is just 6 kms from here... on a clear day you may see Austria without having to visit!

Most NSP UFO tower in Bratislava is about 95 meters tall and on a clear day, you can see as far as 100 kms. Had to debate for a moment if it is worth spending a 1000 rupees just to go to top of this, but since I didn’t have a better agenda for rest of the day I decided to opt for this.

Going up the UFO tower in Bratislava

The ticket costs 9.9 Euros. (there is a longer Day & Night ticket for 12.9 Euros and for a group of 15+ folks fee is 7.9 Euro per person) Once you pay, I was also asked for my nationality, claiming it is needed for their record purpose. An express elevator takes you to the top in a few minutes. The elevator has no window, no display, so you can’t see what is outside while going up or down

As you get out of the elevator, you will be guided to an observation deck above. You’ve to climb stairs, probably some 40-50 of them to reach the top of the UFO Tower. From here you can see Bratislava in all direction. Auto city on one side, Danube river below, the church and other buildings on the other side. The view is good, you can stay as long asyou wish, but cold wind will probably make you go down sooner. 

View from observation deck of UFO tower in Bratislava

There is a restaurant below, where you can sit for some more time if you are going to order something. Else you will be escorted out. You take the elevator and come down as fast as you went up.

Reaching Bratislava UFO tower:

There is NO bus stop right next to UFO tower. You can either walk for a km or so on the bridge and catch a bus (walking path is a little complicated, you need to be careful) or walk till Most NSP bus terminal on the other side of the river and from there board some bus to your destination.

There is supposed to be some skywalk on top, but that is only during peak season I guess. There was no such thing when I (Shrinidhi Hande) visited in March.

Yet to edit the video, please stay tuned to my channel https://www.youtube.com/@enidhi

Official site: https://www.u-f-o.sk/en/ufo-vyhliadka.html

Nearby: castle, church, presidential palace and such attractions are within few kms from UFO Tower

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