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Mess & restaurants I tried in HiTech city area

 Below are some of the hotels, mess I tried in and around Hi-Tech city Hyderabad

1 Sri Sai Andhra Mess

Wanted to visit for dinner but they are open only for lunch, Monday till Saturday. Finally managed to visit on one Saturday. Veg meals costs 130 INR, they give one 500 ml water bottle and unlimited rice & other items. They also give parcel, but parcel is 180 INR

Taste was good, the service was great. After a long time I had proper Andhra meals. If in Madhapur area you can consider Sri Sai Andhra mess for lunch. Better to take metro- car parking will be a problem in the narrow streets around Sri Sai Andhra Mess.

2. Subbayya Gari hotel

Subbayya Gari hotel is a chain of restaurants in Hyderabad. I visited the Kukatpalli branch. A plate of Thali here costs 350 INR a plate to be paid in advance. I felt it was too much to eat and not worth 350 INR. Would have been nice if Subbayya Gari hotel offered a cheaper Thali option at around 200 INR.

Staff kind of forcefully fed items I was not comfortable with- like that gun powder. Most people may like it but I was not a big fan- but he poured them on my plate anyway before I could say no. 

There was a nice tender coconut shop next to this branch of Subbayya Gari. But 9 PM this shop closed, just when we finished dinner and came out.

3 Babai Hotel, Manikonda

Went to Babai hotel to meet a few friends during breakfast time. As I had complimentary breakfast at the hotel where I was staying, I didn’t see a reason to skip that and spend another 250-300 Rs, so I didn’t order anything in Babai hotel. Tasted a vada and sampled a few other items friends had ordered and had a coffee. 

Apparently Babai hotel is pretty popular in the Manikonda area- it was featured in a movie, and several celebrities had their food here. Babai hotel serves south Indian food but with their own style of cooking and serving (adding various kinds of chutneys/curry/add-ons)

At 8.15 AM the crowd was less, after 9 AM the crowd gathered and there were long lines. We have to pay first, get a coupon and collect food from the counter. No service. Interiors were well designed.  Babai hotel is a small place suitable for about 50 people at a time. As we were finishing, there were others standing beside, waiting for us to finish and vacate. 

Manikonda is about 5-6 kms from Hi-Tech city. You can plan a visit to Babai Hotel if you have time

4 Taaza Kitchen: 

A nice south Indian restaurant in Madhapur area. Went here to meet a friend, Raghavendra Satish Peri who runs a consultancy related to viewability and accessibility (Refer  ) Have to take a token and collect food. No service. They had one queue for online payment, one for cash and then separate queues for coffee, dosa, idle etc. Taste was great, worth the walk and visit. Had some idli and a coffee. They have good parking across the road. Sitting space is in the open- might be tricky during the rainy season.

5 Costa Spice: 

First time I visited at 7.30 PM they said thali will be available after 8 PM, next day I visited at 8.30 I was told Thali is not available. Had a few juice items- like 50 INR for a lemon soda, 80 INR for sapota juice. 

6 Roti Stori: 

One of the decent spots I found close to RedFox hotel- A thali costs 150 INR, was decent.

7 Dhaba: 

There was a dhabha opposite the Roti Stori. Went and ordered veg biriyani and raitha- but was told they don't have curd to make raitha. Came out.

8 Restaurant near Karachi bakery: 

Visited because they had idli vada photos outside. Went in at 7 PM but was told they are not ready yet, so came out.

9 Amogha tiffin center: 

The first outlet I visited in Hyderabad during this year’s trip- they had dosa, juice, coffee and other items- decent serving, few sitting spots are also available. Can get crowded though.

10 Sri Vigneshwara Aha Bhojanam

Supposed to be a good restaurant in the financial district. Went to have breakfast as google showed they are open at 7 AM. I was told they serve only lunch. They might as well keep the opening timing as 11 AM

It was good visiting Hyderabad after several years. My last visit was in 2018 during which I stayed at Fabhotel M Hotel in Madhapur 



    This is about Babai Hotel in Vijayawada that I had written.


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