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Hycinth Hotel Tiruvananthapuram: Review

I stayed for a night in Trivandrum (Tiruvananthapuram)’s Hycinth hotel. The hotel costs 5500 INR per night onwards but Agoda has promised some 11 USD (900 INR) cashback, which I need to wait for now, bringing down the effective price per night to some 4700 INR. Hycinth wasn’t my primary choice of hotel- I would have booked something cheaper under 2000 INR, but decided on a bit of luxury due to some personal reasons.

The name Hycinth was unique, hotel seemed luxurious, closer to central station, main temple etc so decided to go ahead and book. I had not heard of this brand earlier.

The booking process:

Hycinth Trivandrum costs over 5500 INR per day. Agoda was advertising it as some 4200 INR per day which caught my attention. But then this was an effective price after cashback excluding tax. I had to eventually pay some 5544 INR for the room including tariff and GST, Agoda has promised me some 11 USD (900 INR) in cashback, yet to get, taking effective price to some 4700 INR.

What do we get for 5500 INR at Hycinth Trivandrum?

Breakfast is not included in cheapest price. Breakfast costs 550 INR+ tax, costing about 650 INR. I didn't have breakfast here- was cheaper to have a plate of Idli, dosa, coffee for 100 INR outside, but did take a look into their breakfast options which seems pretty good.

How is the room?

All rooms have city view. Ocean is far from hotel, so don’t expect sea view. Some rooms may have view of Trivandrum central (if you get top floors). My room was in 4th floor- there are 2 more floors above (7th floor is gym, spa, bar etc).

Rooms are standard- bed, telephone, writing table, chairs, kettle, a refrigerator, 2 liters (500 ml * 4) RO treated water and an elaborate bathroom kit (will write separately) are part of the room rent.

Above: view from my room

For purchase:

Rooms have some snacks and juice sold for 3x their MRP

1 liter water bottle costs 65 INR, snacks and juices are also available for sale. I feel it will be more optimal to keep a vending machine in reception than keeping this stock in house, replacing them, checking who consumed what and how much etc. I guess guests who are lazy to go out or those who find it too hot to go out might consume these without worrying about or looking at the price tag.


As usual laundry service is available and the price is fine by star hotel standards

The bathroom

No bathtub, only shower

There were 8 different types of stuff that I could apply on my body. Green tea & Fig hair shampoo, Rose & Honey face wash, Almond & Saffron body lotion, Jasmine body shower gel, coconut hair conditioner and so on. I didn't know which one goes where or what is the right sequence and procedure to apply them. These were not sealed bottles- so I guess they replace it after each guest checks out- lots of wastage in my opinion.

A newspaper was delivered to room next day (the Hindu)- at the hotel lobby there were no english newspaper or magazines

Facilities at Hycinth Trivandrum

  • Bar
  • Tatva Spa - prices start from 3000 INR onwards (+18% GST)
  • Swimming pool
  • Conference Hall
  • An exhibition space
  • Gym
  • Restaurant


  • Less than a km from Tiruvananthapuram intercity bus station and Trivandrum central railway stations
  • Has a gym, pool, spa, bar, auditorium and other standard facilities
  • Arya nivas Veg restaurant is nearby
  • Ananthapadmanabha temple and other major temples and attractions in Trivandrum town are within 2-5 kms radius and accessible by walk or auto or drive.
Couldn't find any. Decent hotel in its price range. If it suits your budget you may book.


Check-in was smooth. Agoda had collected my card details hence no payment was needed during check-in. We were given grace period of 2 hours for check out. Charges apply if we wish to check out later than that.


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