Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DSCE Pathshala-Karunakaran sir MMS!

It was about 9 years ago when I first attended classes of Karunakaran Sir, professor in the Mechanical Engineering Dept of Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, DSCE. It is close to 5 years since I completed engineering. Karunakaran sir was an energetic personality who would teach with lot passion and interest in the subject.

Today I came across this video, shot some 3 years ago by a junior, capturing Karunakaran sir in action. Watch the video below.

You'll have to tilt your head or screen to get correct view of the video.

Jobs like teaching can become boring after sometime when one has to teach same topic again and again (Add to this the possibilities of poor pay, non cooperation of students and other factors) and it becomes more of a routine. It is amazing to see that he still retains all his energy, enthusiasm and passion. Wishing him long life and all the best.


Mohan said...

I don't recall this lecturer though I studied in the same college... Of course I come from telecom engg background :)
Long live such enthu professors!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Ok, may be he wasn't there or wasn't popular when you were around...

Mridula said...

There is a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon in which after doing a lot of mischief with his teacher Calvin says, "And they say the satisfaction of teaching makes up for the lousy pay." I like that a lot. But then recently the pay has gone up even in academics :D

Trails of a Traveler said...

Let us wish him a long "teaching" or life or long life as a "Teacher" - whatever is grammatically correct..


Shrinidhi Hande said...


Thanks for the insights.