Monday, February 28, 2011

Smart folding seats in Srilanka buses

Yet another small post from SL trip.
You’d have probably seen folding seats in Volvo city bus and few other places. Noticed an even innovative way of seating inside buses in Srilanka.

When I sat in my seat, the space in front of me was empty. Suddenly one person came, created a seat for himself out of nowhere and sat on it. For a moment I wondered what happened and how did he get that seat. A closer observation revealed the following:

The arm rest you see in the pick is a seat by itself. It has two parts, which when unfolded properly result in a seat strong enough to seat and support an adult. Tilting it 90 degrees anti clockwise gives you a seat and unfolding the other half forms backrest…

 unfolded-seatBus body builders in Karur may please take note.