10 in 1: Quick Movie Reviews

Here're a set of movie reviews- very short ones.

1 Jab Tak Hain Jaan (hindi): Couple of scenes- riding bullet with background of Himalayan mountain ranges is a treat for eyes. Otherwise waste of time, just read the story from somewhere, no need to waste time watching it

2 Oh My God (Hindi): Worth watching. Very valid questions put forward, regarding how temples and other religious institutions mint money, without any concept of refund or service guarantee.

3 Bheemateeradalli (Kannada): Looks like just another masala film. Doesn’t really reveal the struggle of people. Too much dramatization, too much unrealistic filmy stunts/fights have somewhat spoiled the sensitivity . Whoever worked on continuity for this film did a very bad job, I could see continuity issues in many scenes. (Example: Just before interval, a reddish Tata Aria gets replaced by a Chevy Tavera in next scene, for no apparent reason). I feel all the controversy about Ravi Belegere claiming credit and so on are pure publicity stunt.

4 Skyfall (English): No new cars, no fancy gadgets (except for a tracker). I didn’t find anything exciting as such- will pass off as just another bond film. Can be avoided unless you’re a diehard fan of 007.

5 Anna Bond (Kannada): I liked the concept of moving house. Entertaining for the time and money.

6 Maryada Ramanna (Telugu) – Recently released Sons of Sardar is based on this Telugu movie. Fairly entertaining.

7 Savages (English): Good plot, but I didn't understand why they felt is better to wind up their business and restart somewhere else, instead of going for a partnership. Otherwise good action movie

8. Raaz3 (Hindi): waste of time again. Just read about the plot, don't waste time watching entire movie

9. English Vinglish (Hindi): Good to watch. I liked the last scene when she was about to pickup English newspaper but instead asks for Hindi, deciding not to reveal to her husband that now she's learnt English.

10: Taken 2 (English): Good, but not as good as Taken 1. This time action is more, intelligence or skills became secondary.

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