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Skywatch- Sunrise with Pratibha Cauvery, Chennai

The damaged vessel Pratibha Cauvery has been a tourist attraction off Marina beach in Chennai since past 1 week. It lost control and touched ground near the beach during cyclone Nilam.

I couldn’t go there to take a close look all these days. Finally made it to the sea shore yesterday morning to click some pics. The number of curious visitors had gone down. But yesterday TV crew from several channels were on standby. They were waiting for salvage operation to begin. A tug boat has been brought in from AP which would pull the oil tanker Pratibha Cauvery deeper into the sea.
Below are a few of photos of the stranded vessel.

Also above: Oman Air flight WY251 from Muscat- taking final approach for landing (notice the landing gear down)

Below: Rescue crew reach the ship in a boat and climb the Pratibha Cauvery using a ladder roap

 TV crew getting ready to capture rescue operations
While everyone's attention is focused on, a tug boat which will be pulling Oil tanker Pratibha cauvery away from the sea shore, waits silently few hundred meters away
 One last pic

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