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Belum caves, Andhra Pradesh

We visited Belum caves in AP last weekend. Belum caves written on hill top and a large Buddha statue helps you locate Belum caves from a distance.
Compared to Bora caves off Vizag, Belum caves is lengthy and narrow.  It is said to be second largest cave in India with a length of 3.5 kms. Only half of which is open to tourists.

An artificial fountain is set up inside, lots if lighting and air vents to pump in fresh air are set up to make Belum caves tourist friendly.
Guides are available for rent. When asked “how much do you charge”, one guy said “your satisfaction is important sir, whatever you give is fine”. It is difficult to accept such terms as these folks are likely to argue for300-500 Rs if we give them 50-100 Rs. Anyways we didn’t hire a guide, partly because he could speak in Telugu only, partly because we were aware of basic history of Belum cave and could manage without elaborated details.

Unlike Bora caves, water seepage was near zero in Belam caves. Carvings on the wall were nice to observe. Some creative folks have compared these formations to real life objects and have named them “Banyan Tree”, “Thousand hoods”, “Musical Chamber” etc
Entry fee is Rs 40 per person. Nothing extra was charged for cameras.
No accommodation available near Belum caves. Water and some refreshments are available- Anantapur, Guntakal and Kadapa are nearest major cities (Belum caves is about 100 kms from these cities We stayed at kadapa and went to Belum after exploring Gandikota)

Timings: 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM


  1. It is a natural wonder. Happy that the tourism board has maintained it well. Would love to go there again.
    Nice post Nidhi.

  2. Wow! great place. Supern pictures.
    I remember Niranjan's post on these caves. :)

  3. Nice photographs. The Sony cam you have seems to work really well in low light too. I have experienced that my Canon Digicam used to give grainy shots in low light. These look good. Thanks for sharing Shrinidhi and have a great Diwali. :-)

  4. What a wonderful place.... Will be there sometime.... Thanks for sharing...

  5. Thanks Janit and Debopam

    Janit: These pics were clicked on Nikon D5100... Sony is my backup camera now


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