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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gandikota Fort and Gorge, AP

Gandikota is dubbed as India’s Grand Canyon. You’ve to see it to believe it. Some 100kms from Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, Gandikota has river pennar flowing through a deep valley and view from top is very inspiring. I was sketching to visit this place since an year or so and it recently materialized. We drove to AP in a Mahindra Xylo E4. With overnight halt in Kadapa, we reached Gandikota at about 9.30AM.

We were welcomed by a large fort, through which we could drive through. Local people reside inside the fort campus and a small road allows us to drive inside. We drove in as long as the road allowed us.

We were clueless how to explore the place. One stranger, who was from ASI, guided us in right direction. He also asked an assistant to open a lock and allowed us to go to the roof top of one of the buildings (the mosque)

The view of Gandikota gorge was majestic. Most of the photos I'd seen had little or no water. If water was plenty, Gandikota could be another Hogenakkal.
It is possible to walk/trek all the way till the foot of the river. The river was near empty, but due to recent rains, there was some greenery and traces of water. It also looked like someone have just driven an SUV across- look at the wheel markings
 The valley is not visible unless we go near.
APTDC runs a hotel here, where you can stay and have food. But pre-order required. We ordered lunch there and proceeded to explore Gandikota. 

How to go to Gandikota?

Kadapa is the nearest town, well connected by bus and train. From Kadapa, rent a vehicle. Other nearby places: Belum caves, Reservoirs (many of them)


magiceye said...

Would love to stay in that APTDC hotel in Gandikota!

Meoww said...

My God! This is an amazing place. and wonderful shots!

Mr.Jovita said...


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Deepak, Jovita amd M.

Deepak, it is a good idea to stay there, so that we can enjoy sunset/sunrise early morning and evening

Avik chatterjee said...

Nice Reading the post. Definitely have plans to visit the place. I have seen pictures when there is water and it looks awesome.

R Niranjan Das said...

Wish there was more water. It was the same when I went a couple of months back. Nice shots though.

Shrinidhi Hande said...


Yes, I guess water will be there during July/August time post monsoon..

Niranjan Das; thanks

Jayadev Menon said...

Good post, Shrinidhi!

I guess we can spend a lifetime visiting interesting places in this country and still not be finished.

Interesting valley - your pictures are nice.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

yes, we've so many places around, which we've not cared to explore

Sudeep D'Souza said...

Didn't even know this place existed. Thank you for sharing it. I like visiting places and will add this to my list.

Debopam said...

So many old and beautiful forts in our country....

Kusum Sanu said...

Wow! Amazing place and you have presented it well. I added this to my wish-list.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Kusum, Sudeep and Debopam. Do visit this place- it is scenic


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