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Dancing Peacock

We don't get to spot peacocks that often. That too with their feathers open. We mostly see them in the confined environments of a zoo. Recently I happened to spot them in open, near our village.

Peacocks make a peculiar sound. When I heard this sound I walked towards the direction. Near the bushes adjacent to paddy fields, I found this peacock dancing with its feathers wide open.
Thanks to 300mm I could zoom this much standing very far from the bird so as not to alert it. But it is still not close enough. 

Below: Backside of a dancing peacock
 I walked closer, now it began to sense the danger and started packing up
 And eventually walk away
With my Sony I could have zoomed further-sample below- check this post to view some more peacock images

Below: Some closeup photo of peacock feathers- clicked separately

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  1. Lovely pics! and quite difficult to shoot too I believe 'coz the bird would go away every time I tried:) Lucky you:)

  2. I must say u r lucky to get these snaps with natural movements of these birds

    Village Girl

  3. Thanks Deepak, Rajesh, Amit, Roopz and Harish

  4. Peacocks are the most beautiful birds as per me :) And these captured in the wild are awesome! There used to be peacocks in the college where i studied ...!


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