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The good face of Chennai police

This weekend I wanted to check out a place called Burma Bazaar, and was heading towards that area based on the directions I knew. In between I got confused and asked a fellow bike rider at next traffic signal: “How do I go to Burma Bazaar?” This person said “Follow me”…

Next ten minutes I was following this man and I saw that every traffic police was saluting him. He guided me all the way to Bazaar and when I stopped ahead of him, I saw a sticker “Police” on the front of his bike. The plain clothed officer asked what you want to buy. I said I came to check out this market where I was told CDs and DVDs are available for less cost. This person advised me that I shouldn’t buy anything from this place as they sell pirated ones. He asked me to go to Saravana Stores at T Nagar where they sell original DVDs at discounted prices. He took a U turn and left after saying this.

This kind of helping nature from a senior police officer is something I’d never experienced before. Compared to Chennai and Bangalore, I give more marks to Chennai police for the way they maintain the city. In Chennai I never saw policemen stopping motorists and taking bribe, a common scene in Bangalore roadside. Chennai roads are wider and people have more respect to traffic rules-Signal jumps are far less, and no bike rider jumps to footpath-may be these factors made life easy for traffic police.

I’m writing this because if something is bad, we spread the news very fast, but when we see/experience something good, we seldom show appreciation.

I sent a wireless salute to this man in particular and Chennai police in general, as I saw this officer speeding away.

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  1. hi nidhi

    we are responsibel for every thing that going around us

    if we are dedicated enough to not to give the bribe to our officers,then how can they be corrupt


  2. Agree with you Sunil.But Sometime opportunity cost (Of lost time, effort etc) exceeds bribe cost, which makes it convincing for people to pay bribe.

  3. You cant compare a place like chennai with bangalore which are in two different categories

    Chennai,Mumbai ,Delhi ,Kolkota are metros which were planned cities from the time of British ,hence the roads are wide ,where as bangalore although the british had a garrison was not a headquarters for them and they had not developed roads as wide as chennai.

    although this moves away from the subject i wanted to make this point

  4. Ok, point noted...

    But I guess this comment is more relevant on another post where I've compared these cities


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