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My cooking expedition

Staying away from home right from my 6th standard, I was receiving repeated advice from my mother that I should cook food myself than depending on outside food, implementation of which I kept resisting due to ROI (Return on Investment) factor. Because my calculation revealed that the time, effort and money spent on cooking as well as pre-cooking (shopping for groceries, cleaning utensils and preparation) and post cooking activities (washing utensils and cleaning the mess) was too much in comparison to the advantages of eating home made food.

However after I relocated to Chennai, and settled in a comfortable home along with 5 other colleagues, I seriously considered self cooking on a trial basis, primarily because my favorite tomato rasam was not available in the flavor I wanted, outside. My first cooking expedition was in Feb 06, when I made rice, and rasam, with tomato costing Rs.5 a kilo. Encouraged by confidence that nothing happened to me after eating that I started repeating that almost every weekend… But the sad thing is that tomato prices started increasing when Chennai realized that software engineer is buying tomato…In past two months, tomato price is on constant rise and was costing Rs 24 per Kg last Saturday… How can I protest this exploitation? Can’t influence the tomato market, but I plan to post another blog on the topic “How everyone loots software engineers”

There’re many other items that can be prepared without much effort, but so far I’ve failed to secure a higher level of cooking proficiency by say successfully cooking Sambar and other items. Twice I attempted them, but did end up heading towards hotel after the R & D failed. Advices on best cooking practices and quality assurance process are pouring in and if I loose my current job, I’m sure I can use them as plan B.

Further improvements in my cooking skills will be posted in another post. Till then eat it safe!


  1. Cool that you cook!

    I can't cut an onion till date!!

    Hope the tomato prices get down so that you can cook your saaru more cheaper!

  2. Hey nidhi very good attempt to cook ur fav tomato rasam and u know what u started ur 1st R&D in Chennai on Feb 06 this year which happens to be my parents 25th wedding anniversary!!

    Rakesh Kamble

  3. Nidhi... good one.. Keep blogging..


  4. hi nidhi

    Nice blog Entry! And nicer is your plan and passion for creative writing and blooging....

    Great going pal, real great going..


  5. Hi Srinidhi..

    Cool man.. so enjoying your self in chennai... i will also chk with sidharth what he thinks of ur tomato rassum...

    bye have fun da... i like what you are doing..

  6. hi nidhi

    i am very proud that at last after the 13 years of expedition from home you learnt successfully to cook.......

    i congratulate you and wish you to be a good chef before i meet you in karnataka


  7. Hi All, Sorry I didn't respond to your comments till date. Really sorry.

    @Sandesh: Stopped tracking tomato prices after Hyderabad transfer...

    You better learn cutting Onion or you'll face problems post marriage...

    @Rakesh Kamble: Belated Wedding anniversary wishes to your parents...

    @ NR Bhat, Poojith, Anonymus and Sunil: Thanks for your words. Not sure what Sidharth told you...


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