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Shrinidhi's weblog-Intro Post

Shrinidhi Hande still photo from ETV Kannada show

Welcome to my Blog

Its long time since I wrote something for others to read. My passion for writing was at its peak during 2001-2002, when some of my works got published in media, I got into advisory board of a local Computer Magazine and participated in a TV show. But over a period of time I failed to write quality articles, mainly due to lack of time and concentration.

It’s over a year since my last creative writing, so decided that I must write something to keep the hobby alive. Net proves to a best medium to dump my scraps and make my friends read, hence this blog.

I aim to post minimum one blog every week, and would be expecting active feedback from all of you. (If no one is reading, then no point in posting) Posting would be by and large incidents and happenings, most of them from my own life, but I may twist the content to keep them interesting or make them humorous. Also names will be changed if necessary to protect identity.

I’ll be glad if my writings manage to induce a little smile on your face or a little thought in your brain as you read them.

Will be awaiting your feedback via comments and mails


Update: Thanks to all your wishes and support, this blog has completed 9 years as of May 2015 and running strong. Read my man-ki-baat on its 9th anniversary


  1. nice article to start of to keep ur passion alive...i guess u should think twice abt the statement "names will be changed to protect identity" coz it should be other way round..."names will be changed to protect myself"..just kidding...wish you the very best and i pray to almighty that this passion lives on n on n on...

  2. Welcome to the blogalaxy!

    Enjoy Blogging!

  3. Hi nidhi

    Nice move! YA, i will keep in track of this page of yours!

    Well, why not try msn space too?
    You could very well expand your social circle there, Though not that professional! Surely you will like that..


  4. Thanks Hrishi, Sandesh and Poojit for your comments and support. I have been bit inactive in responding to comments.

    Sorry that I'm responding after an year to your comments...

    Hrishi: Thanks for your support you gave...

    Sandesh: Yes I'm enjoying blogging

    Poojith: WIll try MSN space sometime soon. No harm exploring. I keep doing that once a while...

  5. hi needhi

    I often read ur blogs...i am also a content writer,,,though not as good as you...and i also love to write...but since i have small kid i cant devote much time to it...but i surely appreciate if u read my blog if u get time and give me tips on writing good feedbacks.

  6. Hi, Read your blog, looks good

    Keep writing


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