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How to select good tender coconut

Do you drink tender coconut water? I do. Those used to Pepsi and Coke may ignore this post.

If you’re buying tender coconut from a road side vendor (its predominantly available at roadside only), how do you select a tender coconut?

Why I asked above question is because of following reasons:
Tender coconut doesn’t come with a manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, MRP and other such parameters. They’re not uniform in their size, content volume, taste and other details. Because it is straight from the tree, each one is different. So when buying one you have to select one.

This post attempts to give you some advice on how to select best tender coconut for drinking, while buying the same from a vendor. This helps you get best out of your money.

Tender coconut has two parts: Water, and Coconut gravy (Coconut meat-Thanks to Dharani for this input). Many people only drink the water part of it while few love the gravy as well. A vendor usually asks if you want water or the cream but even he may go wrong in selection

These are the key points to keep in mind while selecting a tender coconut:

The vendor: The vendor must be physically strong to cut the coconut efficiently. A small buy or weak lady may not be able to work efficiently on the coconut and you may loose some water.

The size: Select the medium one. The big coconut doesn’t mean more water. The water volume will be minimum in an over ripe coconut. Also avoid too small ones.

Colour: It should be green without much gray patches or strips. Too much of gray a areas on the surface indicate that the coconut is getting over ripe.
tender coconut
Fix the price before hand: Coconut vendors vary price depending on size and other parameters. Fix the price first else you may have to pay a rupee or two more

Don’t let them select: Vendors usually select the one they get their hands on. There might be a better piece nearby. Glance over and select one for yourself.
The straws
Be cautious while using the straw to drink water: Many vendors simply recycle the straws already used and thrown by others. All good effects of the tender coconut will be nullified if you use a dirty/contaminated straw.
Parcel or to Drink:
If you’re allowing the vendor to select the coconut, always tell him it’s for drinking on the spot, later tell him its for parcel. If you directly tell him its for parcel, chances are that you may not get a better deal, because, knowing that you wont open it there he may not choose a good one.

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  1. Hi SriNidhi,

    The milky white substance inside a coconut is called "Coconut Meat".. oddly though.. but thats how the english language is.. :-))

    - Dharani.

  2. Thanks Dharani for that information. I've acknowledged that in the post.

  3. The two we can see in the picture above, the green ones and orange ones, which is better?

    Is there a way to spot the salty ones?

  4. I'm not a fan of orange ones. have tried couple of times, but felt green ones are better.

    I am not aware of a way to spot salty ones.

    Other readers: Pls respond if you've an answer.

    Thanks Krishnan

  5. Hello Srinidhi, we loved the tip on parcel part, and have posted on our Facebook page, with due credit to you. Hope that's alright.

  6. Tender coconut water acts best as a stomach coolant nice info

  7. U hv missed 1 crucial point.
    Ur content must hv things like how to choose best tender coconut out of lot,
    For example in watermelon, u sud always check the bottom yellow part which has bcm yellow due to no direct contact with sun,darker the yellow mean it was in farm for longer time so chances of ripe is more,secondly look at the stem,is it still connected, if yes then it mean it was raw and so the farmer cud not pluck it off from the head,if there is no stem attached, it mean it was ripe in the farm n easily plucked off by the farmer

  8. Excellent way of weaving the words together however purpose of the post isn’t achieved, please try to stick to the point.


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