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On top of the world

Finally something to cheer about:

Please note that search results will vary w.r.t time and may not be same all the time. Google's search algorithm sorts the results based on numerous criteria and is a highly dynamic phenomenon. Whatever I'm writing is based on the inputs available and validated while writing this post and over a period of time things may change)

For me this is an assurance for the quality of the content in my post and will inspire me to write much better articles. It’s an assurance that what I’ve written has been identified as highly useful for rest of the world. This boosts my spirits and encourages me to write more and more quality articles.

Your encouragement keeps me writing. Thanks. Just sharing my joy.

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  1. Hi.
    Pls ignore this post for the time being. After updating my blog with new post the search results are not showing my blog as it used to. Trying to figure out why..


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