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Is Metro Cash and Carry really cheap?

I was going through Metro Cash and Carry's Metro Mail (21.12.06 to 03.01.2007).

I find that the prices quoted are not at all competitive. Giving some comparison here for your information:

Nokia 6030 is quoted at Rs.3946 while as per my knowledge its available for around Rs.3500 will bill

Nokia N73 Music Edition is quoted at Rs.24845 while in Big Bazaar Bangalore the model was costing Rs.24,600

MotoFlip Motorolla W220 is quoted at Rs 3985 (The magazine says MRP is Rs 4341) but Motorola Ads in the Television show the price at 3995, just Rs 10 more than Metro's price.

Olympus FE 170 is quoted at Rs 9175 with 512 MB card (MRP 9995) while this model is being sold by other sellers at Rs.9995 along with 512 SD card and Rechargeable batteries and Battery charger worth Rs 1095

Similarly for other products, I couldn't find a reasonable price difference...

If I'm a shopkeeper and I have to source my supplies from Metro CC, I need to get them at a rate far cheaper than my regular supply chain and distribution mechanism. Now that Metro has set its foot strongly,have they started increasing their margin?

This post is for your information.

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  1. you haven mentioned non electronics.. please make a thorough review before posting any content


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