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Excessive blogging disorder and compulsive writing syndrome

An old post- I was tempted to re publish it. Those who have already read it please excuse me.
-----------------------------from April 2007 archive-------------------------------

During a self directed introspection conducted for the quarter ended 31st March and financial year ended 31st March 07, eNidhi India Chief Blogging Officer (CBO) was diagnosed to be suffering from “compulsive writing disorder” and “excessive blogging syndrome” and as a part of its treatment, was advised to stay away from blogging for sometime.

Some of the common symptoms of these diseases are listed below for the benefit of our readers:

1. Writing too many junk characters, calling them posts and releasing them to public domain, like blogs.

2. Torturing all his/her relatives, friends, colleagues to visit his blog and read his junk characters

3. Expecting lots of comments and responses and getting depressed when there’re none

4. Feeling like a millionaire for every fraction of a dollar made from adsense

5. Trying to bring in his blog in every conversation, though no one is interested (like “I’ve written about it in my blog”, “check my blog for photos, videos and other info”, “I usually used to get 25 unique visitors per day but today I got 50 visitors” etc)

6. Attempting to bring publicity to the blog by mentioning the URL in all possible places, including but not limited to: Business cards, credit card charge slips, greetings, autograph books, mail and chatrooms…

7. Complaining about a possible fault in Google and Yahoo’s search engine indexing algorithms, as they are consistently failing to list your blog on top of search results

8. Developing guilt for not posting anything new in past 48 hours and fearing that this will disappoint the returning visitors who will be expecting new stuff…

9. More than 80% of the posts begin with “I did that”, “I achieved this”,”I’m so great”, “I want …”, "I"

10. Feeling sad that your manager only gave you a promotion and hike but didn’t leave a comment on your blog…

11. Clicking on one's own ads and complaining that Google kicked you out of adsense for no reason (Secretly wondering: "how could Google ever possibly know it was me who was clicking!!!")

12. Trying to make intimate friendship with strangers who bothered to leave a comment on your blog...

The most practical remedy is to apply correction between reality and expectation and spend time on activities other than blogging.

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  1. Typical symptons. Hope you feel better soon! :-)

  2. hehe!

    Nice post! If you feel like takin a break, please take as it tunes yo writing skills even sharper!

    Will post something good even in my blog!

    Enjoy yo bloggin Niryaana!(Purposefully niryaana, check out the dictionary if you dont know the meaning!) =)

  3. Thanks Hari and Sandesh for your comments...

    Sandesh: Not sure I enjoyed "Niryaana"...Actually had tough time restricting my temptations to post new things...

  4. Nice to read something self-deprecating. It's not humour only; educative too. The moral is: Don't count on Adsense footing ur broadband rental!



  5. @ A N Nanda

    Mind you it was not self depricating. Most of the points were imaginary...

  6. Most of the points coincide with my state ;-)

    - Anitha

  7. Hi Srinidhi,

    I really enjoyed reading this article as a fellow blogger who too has suffered from several such symptoms at some time or other!

    (Varun's father)

  8. Thanks for visiting the blog Sir...

    Appreciate your comment.

  9. Hi,

    You blog posts are very interesting and fun to read. Especially the ones in 'Humour & Laughter" section.

    Happy Blogging..


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