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Intelligent Scene Recognition is not that intelligent…

Sony not so intelligent scene recognitionSome digital cameras claim to have a feature called intelligent face recognition and intelligent scene recognition, wherein they automatically identify the primary object you’re trying to shoot and give extra significance to that object and less focus to rest of the objects around. Recently I realized that this “intelligent scene recognition” is not intelligent enough.

There were some papayas outside the window and I made an attempt to photograph the same. In the first shot, as you see below, the intelligent scene recognizer decided that it is the window grill that I am trying to shoot and subsequently focused on the window grill, while blurring the papayas in the background.

I do not have clear idea how the image sensing and subsequent decisions are processed by the camera software. Probably whatever first layer of obstacle it encounters is being considered as object of importance.

Anyway, after manual intervention I was able to make the camera focus on the right object and ignore the window grills.
Pappaya fruit

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  1. Lovely pics of the squirrels and the impalas!

    Regarding intelligent scene recognition, computers are not even 1/100,000th as good as humans at recognising objects. Best thing to do is use manual focus and figure out what you think is important.

    In the jugads photo, I really like the impression of speed thanks to the vehicle being in focus and the surroundings appearing blurry - nice one!

  2. @ SPW

    Agreed regarding ISR.


    @ Guruve:

  3. I never faced such a thing with my camera. Are you sure you focussed the correct subject??

  4. @ Manasa...

    as you could see in second snap, I could get correct picture by manually adjusting the focus..what i meant was the auto mode...

  5. Hi Srinidhi,

    Here is my take on this. Intelligent scene recognition in digital cameras actually refers to the surrounding condtions i.e., bad light, moving objects etc. So, in case you were using that mode to capture the papayas then it worked!!!(the lighting and other aspects seem fine to me).
    Intelligent face recognition in a good-to-do camera actually refers only to part of the screen which is more often than not, marked. And the most prominent subject within this area would be identified and focussed better.
    Let me know if i am right.

  6. Hi Surya,

    Scene recognition, IMO is all about camera identifying the object of importance in a given frame (and subsequently giving better focus for this object than surroundings)

    Ability to manage bad light, moving objects etc are other features of a camera but I don;t think those are known by name "scene recognition".

    Face recognition is similar to scene recognition, except that camera is trained to identify only human faces...

  7. Hi Srinidhi,

    Have a look at this site.

  8. @Surya,

    Ok..May be I was mistaken, but what I said was the ultimate objective of scene recognition right- identify and focus on right object under adverse conditions like bad light etc, so that main object looks good in the photo?

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