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April May June 07 - Summary of posts

Listing Quick summary of various posts published during April to June 2007. Sorted in the order of popularity/usefulness-Those topping the list for each month represent most popular/interesting posts of that month. For a change I've added some background colour-drop a comment if you think the selected colours are harsh on eyes.

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mGinger feasibility study
mGinger is a service where you’ll get paid to receive (and read!) commercial SMSs-A detailed analysis of this new business model with feasibility in main focus)
Lightscribe direct on disc labeling
Gives all information you might ever wish to know about the lightscribe technology, using which it is possible to burn labels on CD/DVD disc surface
Drive-in Cinema in Coastal Karnataka
Local bus operators in coastal Karnataka (Udupi,Kundapura, Managalore) have started adding video coach buses to their fleet, to woo daily commuters. A thought.
If Dell sells Motorcycles
How Dell’s product customization page would look if Dell were to sell two wheelers? A thought.
Coco Fresco Hyderabad
Coconut board Hyderabad has introduced mobile coconut vending machines called Coco Fresco. This post gives related details with video.
Factors to be considered while bidding for office canteen...
What all go into consideration when you want to bid for office canteen?
Karkala photos
A set of photos taken around Karkala Bahubali and other places (Udupi, Karnataka)
Endpoint Manipal
Couple of photos taken at endpoint, Manipal (Udupi,Karnataka) and the video of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)’s official video  based on Summer of 69 song
My favorite lyrics lines  Couple of songs which I like due the meaningful lyrics in them…
June Photo Updates
Some random photos
Shrinidhi beats 1.2 million websites for rejection handling
Now it is 2 million…
Photo Quiz
Check this post for a photo and a question

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Dell’s Dilemma - Part Two
Studies various factors related to Dell’s Direct to customer business model and tries to find out why this model may be at risk and suffer a loss in current marketscape.
100 posts-An introspection
A quick introspection after publishing 100 posts in this blog (Now the count has changed, I’ve deleted some old posts)
Celebrating Blog Anniversary
Shares blog stats and few thoughts on the occasion of completing one year of my blogging. Published on the day this blog completed one year.
Work phone: A serious joke
Read this joke- a serious one though.
First time visitor's Guide to this blog
A quick collections of all information a first timer would like to know about this blog
Thomson Buys Reuters
I had a kind of personal attachment with Reuters-This post reveals some of my feelings associated with Reuters, written on the occasion when Thomson bought Reuters
The Approach
How you approach a situation makes lots of differences in final outcome. Read further.
Dell’s Dilemma - Part One
Part 1 of my article on Dell
Work as an independent Consultant...If you can...
Highlights the differences involved in working as a paid employee vis a vis an independent consultant.
Bike Review of Honda Unicorn 2007
My review of Honda Unicorn Bike
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less-By Jeffrey Archer
My review of Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less-By Jeffrey Archer
Photo Exhibition: Set 1
Some generic photos taken around Hyderabad/Bangalore.
Felis domestica: Our pet cat's photo session
A set of photos and videos of our pet cat. Have a look…

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Excessive blogging Syndrome
Read to know more on side effects of blogging too much-we term it excessive blogging syndrome or compulsive blogging syndrome.
Kondapur weekly bazaar: A photo epic
A set of photos taken near Kondapur, Hyderabad during a weekly bazaar

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