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Perfumed shirts from TN Cooptex

July 2020 Update: Cooptex website now not working.

Co-Optex, a state owned textile company in Chennai has launched scented shirts. These shirts emit rose and other varieties of perfume and can be used grab attention among your peers.
Image of Cooptex perfumed shirt
Where can I get these perfumed shirts?
They are being sold at Co-optex stores in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Check cooptex website for address of nearest Cooptex store. Call up and check with them if they have the stock.

Cost: Priced at an MRP of Rs 330 onwards (Festive discount 20% off), they are quite affordable and I see no harm buying them.

Material Quality: Cotton, normal. Reasonable for the price tag.

Do they really release aroma?
Yes. But by and large it goes undetected. I mean not strong enough to be detected by anyone, unless they come very close and sniff...

What are the oprions we've got?
I'm told all are half sleeve shirt. Only vanilla aroma was available in the shop I checked, though earlier press releases said they were available in multiple aromas.

Company claims the scent will last upto 50 washes but that needs to be checked. As of now to me it looks like an equivalent of Bajaj’s claim that some of its bikes deliver over 109 kmpl (whereas on road they deliver little more than 50% of that claim) These shirts may retain the perfume longer if you’re travelling in cars and work in air conditioned office. The effectiveness will be zero if you travel in crowded bus or ride a two wheeler to work or your work involves outdoor activities.

I bought one such shirt recently. I will update this post after a month or so to tell you how many washes the perfume is lasting.

But then, how will people around you distinguish if the scent is emitted from your shirt and not by any perfume you’ve sprayed on your body? Won't they confuse it with another deodrant flavor?

Branding: With no offence to the corporation, I feel Cooptex is totally unaware that there’s something called marketing. After their launch cooptex called a press conference and told media about this product-That’s the end of it. NDTV aired a few minute report on this, newspapers published it in some remote corner and washed their hands. Cooptex hasn’t issued any ads, their website has no information about this product.[As per my knowledge-if they've issed ads in newspapers and channels I haven't checked I'm open to rollback my statement on this] In other words, no proper marketing has been executed to promote this new concept. So not many people are aware that this kind of shirt is available…
aroma shirt from Cooptex TN
I called 2-3 cooptex outlets in Chennai to get some more details about the product-Never managed to get an English speaking person on phone. Eventually decided to visit their shop in T nagar (It is located in Pondy Bazaar-address at website just says Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar). The store had very few pieces left, though it was a festive season (wherein they are expected to have enough stocks). I was planning to buy 2-3 shirts and gift them but after seeing the shirt (and smelling it :)) I wasn't impressed. So just bought one.

Someone tell Kishore Biyani about these shirts-I’m sure he’ll be able to sell lakhs of shirts across India in few days by implementing an aggressive branding, campaigning and pricing for these shirts. [Kishore Biyani is founder of Pantaloons, Bigbazaars and many other retail ventures which now operate under the banner of Future Group] [Read: Big Bazaar-facts you would like to know], Book Review: It happened in India (Kishore Biyani's biography)

What do you think of this new concept? Will it click? Do you prefer to wear an aroma shirt instead of spraying some deo? Drop a comment.

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  1. Shri,
    That was a very informative review. Are you referring to the "Iss Hafte ke Cibaca Number one Paidaan par...." Kishore Biyani????

  2. I am glad this post finally secured a comment- several months after publication...

    I was referring to Kishore Biyani of Future Group- the man behind Big Bazaar and several such retail chains.


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