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Employee Error and its business impact

How does it sound if a supermarket says MRP is Rs 50 but we're selling the item at Rs 53.70?

Have a look at the image below, that's what Subhiksha's price sticker seem to suggest.

Unless you watch it carefully you may not notice this:
The original price was Rs 58.00, but the way it is stroked out suggests MRP is Rs 50. This will simply turn customers away.

Probably it is a case of little carelessness by the employee and ignorance by supervisor.

Above was detected in Besant Nagar Branch (Chennai) of Subhiksha.
Fix that Subhiksha...

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March 2008 update: visited this store again recently. Above error has been rectified.

Feb 2010 update: Unfortunate that Subhiksha has gone bankrupt.. hope they recover very fast


  1. Good one! Thanks for the reminder! When you are shopping at supermarkets please check the product manufactured date. I have noticed at Spinach that the stuff was made way back in 2006. Regardless of the fact that the product is due for expiry in the future it has dicouraged customers like me from putting the stuff in my trolley.

  2. Yes. We need to check expiry date without fail.

  3. For some reason the Ads on your blog are displaying adult content. So it is not Work safe

  4. I'd introduced ads on an experimental basis. Earnings in initial 15 days have been very poor. They were not supposed to show adult ads...

    I think I'll remove them altogether

  5. Hello Shrinidhi. Could you let us know, in which city this has happened? (Employee Error....)

  6. This was detected in Besant Nagar Branch (Chennai) of Subhiksha last saturday (17th Nov)


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