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Fast Action Guide to a Court Reporting Career

Another guest post, from an international writer. Mary Ward writes about various legal career topics, including how to obtain a court reporting degree. Her interests and writing primarily focus on the more convenient and affordable options that online degrees offer. This article may not be of interest to general public, but will be useful to those looking for a legal career. Let me know what you think of this article.

  Fast Action Guide to a Court Reporting Career If you’ve ever wondered how the courtroom runs so smoothly with all of the various things going on, look to the court reporter. This is a pivotal role when it comes to getting the day-to-day tasks done and ensuring that things run smoothly. There are many different points which need to be coordinated, and often times the court reporter is the one handling this behind the scenes. They are sort of the “quiet heroes” of the courtroom as people may not recognize how involved they are with the attorneys and judges often taking center state. So what does the court reporter do and how can you get involved in such a career path? 

Keep it All Running The basis of a court reporter’s responsibilities lie in the clerical or administrative side of the courtroom. This is no small task however as they need to keep apprised of everything going on in the courtroom and ensure that it is recorded properly. Their notes and administrative work then turns into official and often public documents, so it’s essential that they be able to work without errors and understand every aspect of what’s going on. You will often see a court reporter sitting inside the courtroom taking copious notes as the proceedings occur. This takes a great attention to detail and an understanding of the legal system in general. It is essential that court reporting be accurate, unbiased, and be a clear and sound representation of what is going on and any possible outcomes highlighting everything that happens in between. 

Training Programs Court reporters often need to be involved in some sort of college curriculum to prepare them for such a career. You usually see either a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or even a specific court reporting program. The court reporting programs available range from one to three years and are focused specifically on the types of activities and curriculum that will prepare them for the courtroom specifically. The focus must be on criminal justice for a proper understanding of the fundamentals that will factor into their reporting duties. 

Need for Court Reporting There will always be a need for court reporting so long as there is crime being committed. The job outlook for this type of role therefore is very good and doesn’t show signs of slowing, in spite of a tough economy. It is possible to specialize in certain areas of the law and make your court reporting career focused within those functions. This can help to boost the likelihood of getting hired quickly upon completing the training requirements. 


  1. But which institutions offer this in India? Sounds like an option that could be away from the rat race.

  2. No idea. May be this could have a different name here or might be treated at par with a clerical job.


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