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Win Ugg boots every month

You might just wish to consider this- UK based company Whooga is giving away one pair of Ugg boots every month, in exchange for a small favor from your side-You'll need to add their tiny banner in your blog. Month after month you'll be eligible to win, as long as the banner is live on your blog/website.

For the uninitiated, UGG boots are highly rugged boots with elongated cover around your ankles. Very ideal during forest excursion/farming activities as they offer protection against snakes, other insects, mud, cold etc. Refer images at the end of the post to get better idea.

If you'd like to participate and consolidate your chances of winning, click on the image below, register, copy the code and add it to your blog sidebar.

I remember we had a black Ugg boot at home long back. I've not seen a pink Ugg boot yet-good options for those who are specific about colours.

Disclaimer: post published based on personal request from organizer. For any clarification, issues please contact


  1. I find high ankles very uncomfortable on a trek :(

  2. ok. Don't think these are ideal for treks anyway. They are best suited for those working in farm, forest or in countries where there is a need to keep yourself warm during very cold weather.

  3. I haven't seen them in reality where people wear such shoe gear!

    May be in future when I become a full time farmer, will look into these kind of stuff.

  4. The one we had was much thinner than the one shown in images here, otherwise even I've seen them in movies only.

    All the best with your farming ambitions.

  5. Another Geeky way of promoting the shoes ;)

  6. Manjunath,
    What are the other ways of promoting shoes that you've come across? Pls tell us?


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