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Deccan Chronicle quotes me on Windows7

Deccan Chronicle is a leading English daily in South India. Chennai supplement (Chennai Chronicle) of today’s Deccan Chronicle carried an article in which I was quoted for my opinion about Windows7 and a photo of mine, posing with laptop was selected for publication too.

Click here to read the article in an higher resolution pdf format. This is the first time my solo photograph has appeared in a leading newspaper. A few group photos in which I was present, were published earlier on my Binsar and Wayanad travelogues that were published in The Hindu’s Ergo. This one is the first article that got published after I joined my new employer last week . My designation is spelt incorrectly, but that should be manageable. Last time when Chennai Times quoted me on fuel price hike, my name itself was spelt badly.

Article quotes opinions of several users on Windows7 and a few lines of my opinion, from a detailed response I’d given on phone and email are used.

My photo that has been used in this article was clicked by my roommate Jai yesterday afternoon. DC Chief Sub Editor Meera Pillai who’s composed the article wanted a photo urgently and offered to send photographer if needed. Since I had a good camera and a photographer coming all the way would induce delays, I offered to arrange one myself. Excused myself early from a team lunch, came home and asked Jai to click the snap. The rest is history.

The article is available online at DC epaper. but for a closer look you'll have to register there. You may also read from this pdf since attached image might not be convenient to read.

With this I've got my name into all 3 leading print majors- ToI (via Chennai times), DC (via today's article) and The Hindu group (through their earlier ERGO tabloid) and also Mint (the TOI image lifting incident). I know I am patting my own back, but it feels good.
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  1. Congrats on the yet another appearance in print media. Good going and look forward to see it happen more often!

  2. congrats shri...:D


  3. Congratulations, And don't forget us when you become more popular :)

  4. Thanks, Don't worry. If I forget my readers that will be the end of my blog. So there's no reason why I would do that.

  5. Congrats Shri...Satyam misses you much:P

  6. Like I said on Facebook, you are everywhere ! Good for you.

    Any political parties approach you yet ? :-)

  7. Madhu,
    thanks... parties have approached yet. Not interested in that kind of task


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