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Site review:

Presenting site review of a mobile phone and accessories website,

Besides selling Mobile phones at competitive prices, Mobilefun also offers iphone accessories, iphone case, iphone car charger and several other accessories and gadgets. Categorization of products by manufacturer, by type, by brand and so on comes handy.

Site also has a blog and forum section, which appear quite active. Blog section has posts on latest mobile accessories and gadgets while forum offer discussions specific to mobile handsets, technologies and operators (But almost all threads appear closed for new posts :( )

Unlike many other similar websites that have diversified into laptop and camera sales besides cellphones, Mobilefun appears focused on mobile phones and its accessories

A few good things I noticed about the site:

1 It promises to comply with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive on waste management. This means more eco friendly way of disposing used electronic goods and recycling them where possible. (Related: Read my post on e-Waste management). Under this regulation, Mobilefun would collect old electronic gadget of the customer and preserve it from careless disposal. Its more of a regulatory requirement and mobilefun gives some cash value to the consumer for his old phone. But more importantly recycling and disposal of an e-waste is taken care of.

2 Paypal is accepted: Those who do not have credit cards, but have a few dollars in paypal can use the same to buy something useful.

3 Guaranteed delivery service: purchasers have the option of opting for state owned Royal Mail or DHL. Unlike in India, Royal Mail is expensive than private operator and is believed to be more reliable as well. To those members who upgrade to premium delivery service, Mobilefun offers full refund if the shipment is not delivered within promised time. When Royal mail staff are likely to go on strike, website is promptly updated to explain its impact on deliver,if any.

However some accessories like invisible shield (scratch guard) appears very expensive at 15 pounds.


  1. I loved your blog. Thank you.

  2. I appreciate your writing but I need help about a review on that says that MobileFun is a fake/fraud website. Can you please help me with a few more details please. I'll post the link to the reviews that contradict yours


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