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My first consulting income

It feels good to collect your money directly from the client, compared to working for an employer, who pays you a fixed salary and in turn charges clients for your efforts. I had my first consulting assignment recently and earned a small income. Nothing great about the amount, nevertheless its significant.

Apart from my salary income, I’d earned some money earlier, both online and offline through freelancing and creative writing. I’d done some freelancing for Vijay Times during my engineering days and several articles published online and offline got me some petty income. But all of these had to do with creative writing (event reports, travelogues, reviews and other articles) and none involved any sort of consulting.

After seeing my status message many asked me what did I do and how much did I earn. How much is insignificant. Let us just say it has crossed 4 digits. What I did is something I’ll be able to write in detail once the initiative goes public next month. For now, let me just say I’m involved in setting up some kind of innovation centre.

I do not have decades of experience/expertise to get into consulting full time. May not be able to earn a living out of it-at least not yet. I’ll still have to count on a job for regular income. Giving ideas is something I’ve been doing all through this blog and it feels even better when someone thinks they are worth paying for.


  1. Congrats Shrinidhi!

    Doesn't matter how big the money is, but that first earning is always memorable! Look forward for the detailed post on that :)

  2. Mohan, Thilak, Arun and Mridula,
    Thanks all for the wishes.

    Mohan, detailed post for sure.

  3. Hearty Congratulations.As the saying goes journey of thousand miles begins with first step.Let this be so.

  4. Congrats Srinidhi...The fact that someone believes in your work makes all the more difference than the $$$$. Way to Go!

  5. far as something makes you happy and you are proud of it ... nothing like it even if you do it for free !

  6. >> Congrats Nidhi.. I have been out of blogging world for a long time..
    >> I still don't see a complete post of your experience..

  7. Rakesh,

    Still the initiative hasn't gone public...


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