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Interview: Andy Okoroafor Clam mag and studio

Presenting interview of yet another TED India fellow, Andy Okoroafor of France. Andy runs CLAM Studio and a creative magazine called CLAM. He is currently working on a new movie called Relentless. Questions to Andy were framed around the CLAM Magazine, studio and entertainment industry. Thanks to him for taking time to respond.

1. What was your motivation to start CLAM? Tell us something about your initial days setting up CLAM-of converting your dream, vision and concept into a reality.

Andy Okoroafor: The fashion and visual creative worlds are very closed, our vision was to make them open and bring more interesting views out to the fore… Also we wanted to create a global platform for creative people to discover each other...then finally we wanted the create a place for information on creativity in an honest non elitist fashion ..while using the same elitist tool, very tricky!!

2. March 2010 would be Clam’s 10th anniversary issue. What’s one thing that readers can look forward to in this special edition?

Andy Okoroafor: I don't think there will be any celebrating or something like that...I might do something with TED...but it will be like any other clam...I might mention it in my editorial but its not going to guide the issue ...the issue’s theme is “ Ailleurs” don't know if that would fit with celebrations..we will see how creatives will subvert that.;

3. Need a clarification: Your policy is that a given company or product will not be featured in CLAM EYE more than twice a year. With only 2 editions per year, what is the significance of this claim?

//Answer not received

4. A few words on how you’re using/planning to use new media (blogs, twitter, face book and so on) for better reach and interaction with CLAM?

Andy Okoroafor: We are working on the new clam site which will be great it will have videos, info and blogs from creatives and people of interest and old issue of clam. We wanted to launch this December but realistically, all the tests will take us to January but its still going to be

5. I went through the story, trailer and visuals of Relentless. Most of it seems to be shot in darkness/night time. Any significance of this? Tell us little more about Relentless

Andy Okoroafor: Its about loneliness...I travel a lot all over the world there is something about big cities...that kind of makes everyone fragile... I am always thinking where are those people going ,are they happy, what are their dreams etc ... So I wanted to make a film about that. However , I did not want to make it in Paris , where I live or New York where I know very well... I wanted to make it in Africa, in Nigeria and Lagos, one of the biggest cities in the world.. So it became fascinating on that level....other issues started cropping up some people who have seen , don't even believe there are cities like that in Africa..well they still think Africans live in trees I am glad for that.. Shot in the night time because that when you can visually explore loneliness...after work what do you do , if you have no where or no one to go to? gets interesting on a dramatic level too

6. Other than magazines and movies, what other hobbies and activities do you pursue? What is your stress buster?

Andy Okoroafor: I like people my life evolves around that ,I need people to talk about in the magazine and I need people to tell stories in the movies.. hobbies ..just living life, learning and appreciating other people

7. Since you’re into entertainment industry, what do you think is a practical solution to piracy?

Andy Okoroafor: I have no idea.....really I don't

8. While acting and movie making would be a dream career for many, just a few manage to succeed in this industry. What according to you is the differentiator?

Andy Okoroafor: Well if moving making for you is bollywood, Hollywood and nollywood etc...timing is makes it possible to make movies without going through these channels..if your creative life depends on it, you will make your have the technology now not to depend on any industry entry points,... will you find or reach your market ..that's a whole different question...

9. Any message to media students and enthusiasts in India? How can one get associated with/contribute to CLAM? What’s your plan for Asia?

Andy Okoroafor: I would like to get creative partners and contributors from India like we have in Korea / Japan and Hong Kong they just have to send me their works if we like it we will contact them...

10. Anything else you’d like to share about TED, Relentless and CLAM?

Andy Okoroafor: Would not be going to India if it was not for ted .i should be in Barcelona editing and producers don't find it funny

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