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Singapore flyer images, Singapore

Again from Partho’s collection, a few photos of Singapore flyer, the giant wheel. Riding in the Singapore flyer gives excellent view of Singapore city-mainly the sea and the port.
The cubicles (what do we call those drum like structures in which people sit?) were highly spacious so that people could stand and shoot, or even have family dinner. Maximum height is 165 meters (that’s world’s biggest, London eye is the second one with a height of 135 meters) and ticket fare is about 30 Singapore dollars.(There’re multiple schemes and offers to choose from)

Photo courtesy Partho, published with permission. Also checkout: Jurong bird park, Malaysia Twin towers * An earlier guest post on Singapore lifestyle *

Note: This post had display issues with the pic. Republished with freshly uploaded pics


  1. Looks a little like London Eye to me.

  2. Yes, somewhat similar, but slightly bigger.

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  4. Been a long time since i visited - 8 years. Loved the city then. Nice pics

  5. //The cubicles (what do we call those drum like structures in which people sit?)//

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