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Bengaluru visit- random notes

Few quick observations/notes from my recent Bengaluru visit:

  • Missing trees on Sheshadri road: Dozens of beautiful trees that formed a nice canopy on Sheshadri road are now completely gone. Drive from Anandrao Circle to KR Circle will never be the same. Not sure who achieved what by uprooting those century old trees.
  • Underpass in-front of Basavanagudi police station: Another unnecessary venture which would consume a few parks and several trees.
  • Good to find that tender coconut still costs Rs 12 in Bengaluru. In Chennai prices have soared to Rs 18-Rs 20
  • Lots of new blue BMTC buses were flaunting Jn NURM on them and I’d no clue what that meant. Ravi told me that JN stands for Jawaharlal Nehru and NURM is a world bank aided initiative.
  • 4 years ago ISRO layout was a developing place almost considered outside city, now it is a fully developed locality with nice roads.
  • Kadirenahalli cross underpass appears to be left incomplete since several years now.
  • Good to know about Bengaluru-Mangaluru day train. Need to check it out someday.
  • Another soon to be implemented major change will be closing down KSRTC bus terminus in Majestic.

Other updates:

I’ve enabled comment moderation for posts older than 30 days. This was necessary due to increasing number of spam comments. Regrets for the inconvenience.One often repeated anonymous comment reads: I found this site using [url=][/url] And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you! Sorry for offtopic Not sure whose purpose this comment aims to serve.

Vizag: Will I be 3rd time lucky?

Vishakapattanam or Vizag is on my hit-list since several years, but a visit hasn’t materialized yet. On two earlier occasions I had to cancel the booked train tickets, due to various reasons. Have booked one more time now, lots of dependencies still. let me see if I get third time lucky.

Next post is likely to be a review of Chetan Bhagat's 2 States


  1. it wouldn't be wrong to say that the face of bangalore is changing... Though I rue for the number of trees being cut in the name of road expansion, hope to see some kind of respite to commute from one part of the city to other.

    Fly overs are coming up everywhere... jp nagar jn, kadirena halli jn etc., in south bangalore alone. Even the 100ft RR will be widened pretty soon and the survey has been completed. So, hold on till some are trees are being cut to accommodate smooth transportation.

  2. Trees on Seshadri Road were cut say 6-8 months back...

    regarding those JN-nurm buses, they allow all passes except student passes. fares similar to Suvarna buses.

    Even I've been getting those spam comments for year/2 year older posts. Dunno what they'll achieve. Lazy to delete them yet.

    Hope you make it to Vishakapatna.

  3. No use of tree cutting at Sheshadri Road. There is a rotary system which makes road crossing for pedestrians almost impossible.
    I don't think traffic problem in B'lore is due to roads, congesstion etc. I think it is more due to the mentality of drivers. As far as I have observed in B'lore only 3 people have lot of urgency, and they are 'I' 'ME' and 'MYSELF'.

  4. Even I got those comments but managed to delete it all as they were few in numbers.

    Sorry to hear about the trees.

  5. Mohan,
    As Manoj said, I doubt if chopped trees will help smooth-en traffic. We'll never learn to drive sensibly and number of vehicles and population increase will nullify any additional space created by removing century old trees.

    Sandesh, I guess I've noticed the missing trees in one of the earlier visits and also read abt it in Churumuri.
    Vizag tickets still in waiting list..

    Manoj, what is that rotary system you're referring to?

    Comment moderation is a bit easy in blogger now.

    :( (about trees)

  6. JnNURM was a great mystery for me when I first started seeing them on the BMTC buses. It stands for Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal mission. That's the govt. scheme under which these buses are purchased and run. I was quite excited to learn about that since I had asked a lot of people and no one has seemed to know. Some 110 new Volvo buses have been added recently under this scheme.
    Regarding the 'came to your page via google' comment the same has been observed by lot of other blogggers. Some kind of weird way to spam

  7. At K.R. circle, 5 roads converge. But I think you havent observed that there isn't a traffic light.
    So, there is rotary system, where all vehicles from Sheshadri circle rotate about a circle and tangentially dropout to all roads. Hope I am clear. I find it difficult to explain without a sketch. What this does, it gives no space for pedestrians for crossing the road, since there is constant traffic. There are subways, which are quite far off. It makes no sense to walk till there and use them, as they would nearly waste 5-10 mins of urs.

  8. Sid,
    thanks for the updates.
    Haven't seen Jn NURM buses here in Chennai.

    Yes I got the picture. Most of our sub ways and underpasses require extra walk and people often prefer to ignore them. One way to deal with it is to take it as your daily exercise... crossing the road using Subway...

    Also most of the subways are not maintained properly


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