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ICICI Bank Cycle Advertisements in Gujarath

Net banking and phone banking are history. ICICI bank has launched Cycle Banking in Surat…

I saw these cycles with big ICICI branding... They were spotted at Surat, Gujarath. About 5-6 of them were parked outside an ICICI branch. The cycles had multi sided display, announcing the launch of new ICICI branch and other related information (such as services etc)
This is how they look when in motion…
And a closer look…The young riders were clad in saffron uniform.

I feel this is a very cost effective publicity. No need to spend lakhs on newspaper ad, no need to put up huge hoardings… Just pay a few hundred rupees for these young guys to cycle around the city and thousands of eyeballs guaranteed. Employment for the youth, something different for people to look at and good publicity for the bank.

I’ve not seen this kind of promos in other cities. Wondering if this is an initiative by local branch manager… or may be they are testing in concept in Surat? Or is there some special event management company that specializes in this.

What do you think of this? Good idea? Have you seen this in any other cities or any other brands?

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  1. Its a good idea..
    But not very innovative.
    I've seen some small traders campaigning in cycles and rickshaws(in Tier II cities), with similar kind of hoarding and even with a loudspeaker(powered on Car batteries) shouting on the campaign(that too only in the middle of famous cine song to get the attention of people in crowded places)
    Haven't seen a bank doing this kind of Marketing strategy.

  2. Thanks Logesh.

    yes, long ago movies used to be promoted on cycle in villages...

  3. In olden times normally such methods were used to publicize film or Circus in all the towns and villages.I have mentioned about another type of publicity in my latest post about 'Cinema those days', just check out.

  4. Branding media may be good. But they need to take effective steps to build a sensible connect with the customers. Somehow, in ICICI's case, that has vanished behind the curtain of a call in number.

  5. Looks like an economic as well as eco friendly initiative


  6. Ram, yes
    they can double up as say courier boys and earn more money as well

    Rajesh: Point taken. In rural areas they'd need a different approach altogether. hope ICICI succeeds.


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