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Tata Nano Roadtrip-What’s it all about?

I’m into day 3 of 26 days Tata Nano Superdrive’s Green Route, which is a 4800 kms drive starting from Ahmedabad and passing through Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Mangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore, Chennai, Bengaluru, Solhapur, Kolhapur, Nashik and Ahmedabad…

Based on my first 2 days experience, here’s a brief account on what this trip is all about.

The Superdrive has 2 prime activities at the top level. One is the drive, where we drive 3 Nano cars from one city to another. The cavalry consists of about 6-10 people, which includes one or two Tata Nano officials, a blogger (that’s me!), crew and drivers from Shobiz.

Driving is done by the designated drivers (and bloggers and other members who’ve valid license and are interested in driving). At select stretches, pre-selected members of public will be given a chance to drive the Nano for a good distance. 

Second is the city specific activities, which include landmarks (Taking photo of Tata Nano infront of popular landmarks in the city), Mall activity (display of Tata Nano inside popular malls of the city, Test drives (wherein winners of partner FM Radio channels will get a chance to drive/Ride the Nano and customer meets. Nano customer meet in each city is organized in 5 star hotels, wherein all existing Tata Nano customers of the city are invited to a get together party. Lots of games, music, magic show and other activities are arranged for customer meets, with of course good food.
What’s my role?
As an official blogger for the route, my responsibilities are to document the trip, by means of blog posts, photos and videos. Yesterday I interacted with Tata Motors dealer, RJ Sethu of Big FM and FM Radio winners who took a test drive in Nano, members of the Shobiz event management team, Tata Motors officials and Tata Nano customers who shared their experience with Nano and general public who’re curious about Nano.

I’ve started updating my designated blog http://superdrive-greenroute.blogspot.com/ and you can stay tuned to it for detailed updates. My work usually starts when everyone else’s work ends. Once I return to hotel room, I start uploading photos, writing blog posts, recharging my batteries, mobiles and laptop and so on. (I can do it on the move, but if I open the laptop and start writing during day time when other activities are going on, I might miss some action or updates)

Below: Curious customers checking out nano and RJ Sheshu of Big FM and Shilpa Ben, a winner, taking a test drive in Nano.

Miniature Nano at Nano Customer meet and media people photographing the Nano outside Valentine Mall, Surat

The event isn’t as simple as I’d initially thought. More than 300 people are working behind the scenes to make the Superdrive a success. Tata Nano officials, its dealers in each cities, Showbiz (the event management company), Social wavelength (Social Media company), Logistics partners and several other invisible hands and brains need to be thanked for putting together such a massive plan and executing it with perfection.
We’re heading towards Mumbai today. Standby for more updates.


  1. hard work never fails. Superdrive is Favorite to all the auto lovers

  2. Logesh,
    We're taking golden quad from Coimbatore to Chennai. If that passes through Salem, then yes.

  3. oh then.. u'll definitely pass Salem to reach GQ.. Welcome to Salem.

  4. I was always wondereing why this Tato Nano is so cheapand for these reasons lack of air conditioning and air bag, wind-down windows, manual steering, a 43mph engine, plastic welding and bodywork made of sheet-metal and plastic. it's reasonable to be at that price.

  5. Its very tough for it to survive in the Western and European market.These markets are advance than Indian automotive market and customers of these countries desires for stunning,highly featured and powerful car.And Nano lacks the basic style enigma which is a necessary thing to survive ib these markets.

    1. True. 15 years since its launch, it is barely surviving


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