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Tata Nano Superdrive FAQs

I’ve covered about 6 states in past 13 days (Gujarath, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and TamilNadu) along with Nano team. I’ve been getting several questions about the Nano Superdrive. Here’re some of them and answers.

Q0: What is this Nano Superdrive?

Nano Superdrive is a 26 days road trip across India in 9 Tata Nano cars. 3 cars on each route (Saffron-towards Delhi, White-Towards Kolkatta and Green-towards South) would be visiting 36 cities, covering 15000kms.

Q1: I saw 3 Nanos in the pictures. Which one is yours?

Well, there’s no specific Nano assigned to me. There’re professional drivers who’re hired and Tata Motor Officials and other winners who’ll be joining us in the drive. We all share the driving and keep changing the seat and car as per wish/requirements.

Q2: Can you visit our home in Nano when in our city?

No. At each city we leave the cars in the custody of concerned Tata Motors dealership. I won’t have the liberty to take it to places as per my wish.

Q3: Can I drive Nano?

Other than the already selected winners who’ll be allowed to drive from one city to another, only FM Radio winners will be allowed to drive. So your only way is to try your luck and win the contest at FM Radio (its Big FM for most of the cities). Else at the max you might get a ride in Nano.

You may only have to wait a few months more, as Nanos are expected to be available readily in the showroom near you.

Q4: Where can I meet/see the Superdrive Nanos?

At each city, we’ve what’s called as landmark activities. Nanos will visit a few selected (most popular) landmarks in each city (like Bangalore Palace, Cubbon park and Lumbini Garden in Bangalore), usually between 11am and 2pm. You can visit these places and have a close look at Nanos (for exact timing you can stay in touch with me on twitter or phone).A separate Nano will also be on display through out the day at a selected Mall in each city (Spencer's Plaza in Chennai and Garuda mall in Bangalore)

Q5: Where can I see the photos?

Refer to http://superdrive-greenroute.blogspot.com/ 

Q6: What’s your feedback on Nano?

Its been good so far. Standby for detailed review in subsequent posts

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